A.J. Nicholson Interview

Nicholson just got back from an official visit with Miami and had an excellent visit. We have the latest in this interview with him.

"I had a great time at Miami this weekend," he said. "It went real well. I enjoyed my trip down there. It's a beautiful place."

Nicholson said the biggest difference between his visit to Miami and his first two trips (to Florida State and Texas) was the overall atmosphere among the players.

"Miami's players are just a lot more loose," he said. "The biggest difference was how much closer they are. Miami's players and their coaches are very close. It's a great family atmosphere."

Nicholson compared Miami to the other two.

"I've decided that Texas is just too far," he said. "Miami and Florida State are pretty even right now. I have two more trips then I'll make a final decision."

Nicholson is scheduled to visit Tennessee next weekend, followed by North Carolina on Feb 1.

At 6-1 3/4 and 230 pounds, Nicholson said he hung out with UM linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

"He was a real nice guy," he said. "He's real loose too. Maybe it's because they won a championship, but all the players seem really close and I really liked that."

Nicholson met with Coach Coker at the end of the visit.

"We just sat down and discussed a lot of things," he said. "It was the first chance I had the opportunity to talk to him like that. We talked about our families, we talked about the city of Miami and what it's like to live there, and just really got to know each other."

When asked about other linebacker prospects, Nicholson didn't know, nor care.

"I'm just worried about me," he said. "I don't know how many they're looking at, but they like me and I like them."

Nicholson said he got to hang out with other visitors, and even gave some insights into one of them.

"I think Devin Hester may have committed," he said. "He really likes Miami a lot."

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