Manuel Wright Interview

Manuel Wright made his official visit to Miami this past weekend and talks about Miami vs. USC. He discusses his plans and who currently leads.

"It was tight," he said of his visit to Miami this past weekend. "DJ Williams showed me around and it seemed like the players all got along really well. They're very dedicated."

At 6-foot-5 and 302 pounds, Wright said the campus life is very similar to that of Southern Cal.

"It's kind of the same," he said. "They're both private schools with small classes and everything. I like the warm weather better at Miami though."

Wright talked about his meeting with Coach Coker.

"He's really cool," he said. "I like him a lot. But he wants me to redshirt and be able to contribute the following year. I want to play right now."

So did Miami cut into Southern Cal's lead?

"I'm probably going to stick to SC," he said. "Miami's trying to redshirt me, while SC wants me to play right away. I'd say it's 95-percent SC and 5-percent Miami. They just have too many defensive linemen."

Wright says Miami will have one final chance to change his mind this week.

"Randy Shannon's coming by my house on Thursday," he said. "If he can talk me into it, I'll go. But right now, I plan on sticking to SC."

Southern Cal head coach Pete Carroll and one of his assistants visits with Wright tomorrow night.

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