Cedric McGee Q&A

Cedric McGee is one of the top wide receiver prospects in south Florida. While he does not appear headed to the Hurricanes at this time we caught up with him to hear his thoughts on the recent Cali-Florida Bowl and some of the top players involved.

Who were you with during the week?

I was mostly with Gerald (Williams), Elijah (Hodge), Randy Phillips, and TJ Williams.

I heard Williams and Vlad might not be headed to Florida?

Yeah, I think they're going to Tennessee.

Hodge again looked like he could claim to being the best linebacker in the state?

You've said it all year and I'm right there with you. Wisconsin's getting a steal. He was the best linebacker all week and in the game.

Who was the best Florida DB during practice?

I liked Avery, Demtrius, and Randy. I'd have to go with Avery though.

Explain what makes each so good?

Demetrius is just real explosive. He can play corner, safety, receiver, and return kicks. Randy's fast and locks everything down. He's not afraid to mix it up. Avery is a little combination of both. He's one of those guys who doesn't look great in practice but then goes out and tears it up in the games.

I think Twan and Ricky are the 2 best prospects in the state. What do you think of that?

They sure looked like it during the past week. Twan's just so fast and nobody can block Ricky.

A lot of people say Rouse is No. 1, what do you think?

He's alright but I dont see how he's No. 1. I'd like to see what he can do vs. teams from Dade or Broward. He's cool though. I was with him some during the week. That cat O.J. was the fastest.

What's up with the recruiting stuff?

I'm going to Pittsburgh on Friday. That's my first visit. Then I got Tennessee on the 14th and Rutgers on the 21st. The last one is still up in the air. Minnesota has been on me hard. Florida State is back on me. They had stopped recruiting me for awhile but they're now calling me again. Maybe South Florida will get one. It'll be one of those schools. Right now, I just gotta relax, enjoy my trips, and figure out everything in the end.

I heard Randy Phillips might not be going to Miami?

If he doesn't, I'd be surprised because that's what he kept talking about.

What do you think about Bruce Johnson?

He's pretty quiet and he's pretty good. I didn't know much about him but he's a real good cover guy. The DBs were pretty good, all of them.

Are you playing Dade/Broward?

Yeah, it's on the 17th. Come out, man. I'll be ballin. Practice started today but the guys who played on Sunday dont have to start till Wednesday.

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