Freak Talks Football

When it comes to having a conversation about football, nobody is more interesting to talk to in this year's class than Carol City's Ricky Jean-Francois. The talented defensive lineman spent the last week involved in the CaliFlorida Game.

"I had a game-saving tackle," Jean-Francois said. "I had four tackles and I had the final block on Morley's return. I played good, I thought."

When asked about some of the other top players, Jean-Francois talked about several others.

"Twan [Antone Smith] at running back was tight," he said. "I knew he was real fast and had all that ability but I had no idea he could bounce off tacklers like he does. People try tackling him and he just breaks through. He's going to be unbelievable in college. The best receiver was either Fred Rouse or Cedric (McGee) from Plantation. The O-Lineman was probably A.J. Trump. He was real good. He is real smart and plays hard and everything. The best D-Lineman was a dude named Letroy. He really stood out. He made people look like garbage whenever he lined up on them. The best linebacker was 32, Gerald (Williams). He's tall and looks like an end but he's real quick and he's everywhere making plays. The best DB was either Randy Phillips or Avery Atkins. They locked everything down all week in practice then were ballin during the game."

Jean-Francois spent a lot of time during the week with Phillips.

"He's about the only person I talked to about where they're going to school," he said. "He's going to Miami. I can't believe more people aren't talking about him as being the best."

The talented defensive lineman had something else to say after talking about several of the game's best players.

"That cat from Central (Junior DT Bryan Miller) is as good as any of them," he said. "I don't care about rankings and all that but if he's not the best defensive lineman in the whole state next year, please tell me who is and show him to me. He's going to destroy a lot of people in Dade County next year."

The talented defensive lineman, who is working on getting his grades in order, has three schools who remain high on his list.

"My main two right now are Tennessee and Auburn," he said. "My first visit will probably be to South Florida but I'm not totally sure on that yet. Second is Tennessee and third is Auburn. I am not sure about the fourth one yet."

Jean-Francois says he's still hoping to hear from UM late in the process.

"Still nothing yet," he said. "I hope they call and we can set something up but there's nothing yet."

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