Johnson Enjoys Experience

Bruce Johnson enjoyed his week-long trip to Miami for the CaliFlorida All-Star game. "It was a great trip," Johnson said. "I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed myself. I caught the bus in Lake City and we drove down there."

"I was chillin with everyone all week. We were going to the mall and stuff. We went to the Heat game and we was just having fun everywhere he we. I saw Shaq and couldn't believe how big his feet were."

Johnson, 5-11 and 180 pounds, spent the week practicing for the game, while preparing with other Florida all-stars.

"The receivers were real tight," he said. "But we held our own. Fred Rouse, OJ Murdock, Cedric McGee, TJ Williams, Mike Moore, all those guys were good. They can all do different things. The DB's were real strong. We had guys like Avery Atkins, Demetrius Morley, and Randy Phillips out there. We were all ballin."

Johnson said he spent most of his time with those three defensive backs.

"I got to know Randy because we're gonna be teammates at Miami together," he said. "Avery is considering it too. It's Miami or Florida. I got along with them real well."

Johnson said he enjoyed the game, although he felt he could have played a little better than he did.

"I missed a couple tackles but I got a lot of playing time and I thought I had a good game," he said.

Johnson said he's looking forward to taking his visit to UM later this month.

"I go down there on the 21st," he said. "I'm still committed and everything. It's 100-percent. Miami's where I'm going and hopefully a lot of those other guys at the game will be joining me."

On an interesting side note, Johnson updated the NFL status of his uncle, Kelly Jennings.

"He's definitely coming back for his senior year," he said. "He said he's real excited about next year's team and wants to become one of the leaders out there."

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