Davin Joseph Interview

Joseph returned from an official visit from Ohio State this past weekend and discusses his visit and list of remaining schools.

"I had a real nice time on my visit this weekend," Hallandale defensive tackle Davin Joseph said about Ohio State. "But I ain't too sure about it up there. They have a big campus, a big facilities, a big everything. Everything looks good on paper, but it's not a place for me."

With the Buckeyes eliminated from Joseph's list, what's left?

"Oklahoma and Michigan State are still my top two," he said. "I haven't really sat down to think it all over yet. I just want to go somewhere that I'll be happy."

So what about the Hurricanes?

"I am scheduled to visit there Friday, but I just don't know about it," he said. "Miami just might not be what I'm looking for. Every time I talk to Coach Mark, he talks about redshirting. He says I'll have a chance, but they're probably going to show favortism to guys who helped win them a national championship. At Oklahoma and Michigan State, I could play right away because they're not quite as deep."

Joseph says it's up in the air right now whether he'll make his scheduled trip this weekend.

"I'll know for sure later this week," he said. "I'll see what Miami has to say. I'm probably going to wait till signing day to make my final decision."

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