Canes After Star DL

Luqman (pronounced Luke-Mon) Abdallah was all set to play Division 3 ball nearly a year ago. Then things changed after he graduated from Trenton (N.J.) Central. "I had some offers at smaller colleges," Abdallah said.

"I was all set to go to Ursinis College in Pennsylvania. However, I had also applied previously to The Hun School and just before I was about to leave for college, I got word that I was in at The Hun School. It was a major blessing for me."

A blessing indeed. The 6-4, 305-pounder was coming off an outstanding senior season in high school and had one more chance to put together an even more impressive resume.

"I had a great senior year at Trenton Central but the thing is not many college coaches viewed that as a top program," he said. "It wasn't heavily recruited and I knew that if I could have that type of season here (at Hun) then I'd be all set."

He was able to do just that. Abdallah finished this past season with 75 tackles and 10 quarterback sacks. He began getting major attention from various college programs.

"Things really started heating up for me," he said. "We've got a bunch of players here who are also being looked at pretty heavily. Shea McKeen, one of our offensive linemen, is a big recruit. We have Myron Rolle, who will be one of the top recruits next year. I'm glad all these coaches had a chance to look at me."

The talented tackle has already taken two official visits and is scheduled to take three more.

"I went to Rutgers and Michigan State already," he said. "This weekend I'm going to Wake Forest and then I have Miami (1/14) and Virginia Tech (1/21). I also just got a call from Florida so I might look into taking a trip there, maybe unofficially. I'm having a hard time figuring out where I'm going to end up."

Abdallah has been interested in Miami for several years now.

"I've always been interested in Miami," he said. "I always felt that would be a great place to play football. They're always in contention for a national championship and they have a lot of tradition of producing good defensive linemen."

When he was a sophomore in high school, Adballah decided to take an unofficial visit to UM to check things out.

"I went on an academic visit," he said. "At the time I had no idea I'd ever get recruited to play there for football. In fact, I was still playing linebacker, which I played my freshman, sophomore, and junior year of high school. I was extremely impressed with what I saw there. The academics are great and from an overall standpoint, it's a great school. When I sent my tape there, I didn't know what to expect. They called back and started recruiting me."

The talented defender says he still uses some of that athletic ability now, even as a 300+ interior lineman.

"I've played just about everywhere on the field," he said. "I just got really big at the end of my junior year, which is when they moved me to tackle. I just have a way of finding the ball. I could get to the ball with my eyes closed. I play more like a 240-pound defensive end. I'm always using spin moves, juking people, and doing whatever I can to get through. I just think it's easier to me than most guys. Plus, nobody is going to outwork me. As long as you work harder than the next man, you're always going to put yourself in position to be successful."

Abdallah will be excited about the competition he'll face regardless of where he ends up.

"I'll go anywhere," he said. "If someone is stacked with defensive tackles, that's almost like more of a challenge for me. I am confident in what I can do and I think with the right coaching and the right training, I won't be stopped once I get to college. All I need is a chance and I'm going to get one at one of these schools."

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