Heard Discusses UM

Kellen Heard was very excited last year when he signed a scholarship to play at the University of Miami. "I was so jacked up man, I was ready to hit anyone who got in my way," Heard said.

"I worked out real hard during the spring and then I went down there for the summer. Two-a-days were kinda hard at first but I was in shape and ready to go. I was ready to start helping them out during the season."

Then the night before classes began at UM, Heard got bad news from the people at the ACT testing center.

"The ACT people told me that I needed to re-take my test," he said. "I got the score I needed but I guess they wanted to challenge it. I guess they wanted to use me as an example or something. They did it to my boy Joe (Joseph) too. So we had to back home and start taking it again."

Heard did what they told him to do and received a passing score.

"I got the score I needed," he said. "I made higher and then since I knew I was going to be headed to Miami after the season, I had moved down there. I was still going to all the practices, hanging out with all the players, and just chillin waiting for my turn again."

Unfortunately for Heard, the paperwork didn't go as smoothly as it needed to go. Deadlines were missed and he found himself having to wait an extra semester before being admitted into UM.

"I missed the deadline I guess," he said. "I was so mad. I got the score and now I needed to wait another 7 months or whatever before I could start (school) again."

That's when Heard became a prospect again. He said he began getting lots of recruiting attention again.

"I could have gone to just about any school in the nation except UM," he said. "I had a chance to go to USC but I wanted to stay close to home instead. I had a chance to start at A&M right away so that's what I'm gonna do."

The talented defender still has a high amount of respect for UM and its program.

"Man, Miami's what's in my heart," he said. "But I aint trying to sit around and wait anymore. I need to play ball. I'm trying to get to the league as quickly as I can. You should come out here to check me out this year. I'm gonna be ballin at A&M. They need me. Miami just didn't work out. The coaches were real cool. The players are tight. They got the best players in the country. I wish I was still there but I gotta pick up and move on. I aint got no hard feelings. It is what it is I guess."

Heard said he thinks he's leaving a very good situation at UM.

"Man, they got so much talent on that defense it's crazy," he said. "They got enough people on defense to win it all. They're redshirting a lot of guys who are gonna be awesome. The defense let 'em down this year but they're also gonna be the reason they'll be back next year killing people again."

Stay tuned for part two of our interview with Heard, where he provides his insight on a lot of current players and their development.

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