Heard Talks UM Football

Kellen Heard was once a Hurricane. He spent the summer conditioning with the players here. He went through two-a-days with the Canes. He then moved to Miami, hung out with the players on a regular basis, and watched nearly every practice and game this past season.

Now a Texas A&M Aggie, Heard reflects back on what he saw from current players on UM's roster who impressed him. He shared a lot of it with us.

Kyle Wright -- "He has all the tools to be a great player. He has a strong arm, makes every throw, and he's real accurate. He's real good in the pocket, too. Miami's been missing someone like him lately. He can be real good, if he stops worrying so much about the small stuff. If he didn't get hurt early in the year, he would have played probably a lot more. He's a cool cat."

Charlie Jones -- "He's awesome. Him and Derron are the two best running backs next year, by far, I think. When Charlie first got there, he ran straight up and down and was easy to tackle. Not now. He's got moves and he runs low to the ground. Plus, he's gotten faster. He sees things better now, I think."

Derron Thomas -- "He's like a young Clinton Portis. He's fast, he has a good style, and he's hard to tackle. Plus, he can catch a lot from the backfield. Whoever wants it more, him or Charlie, will be who starts I think."

Quadtrine Hill -- "He's real smart and always does things right but he's just so small to smash people. He wont make mistakes in blitzes and all that though."

Lance Leggett -- "That's the man right there. He's cold. You could tell right away when he first got there. He's tall and fast. He just needs to put on some weight. There aint nobody on that team who will be able to stick him next year. He's quiet and just goes to work every day. Our best receiver this year was too small. Next year Lance should be the man."

Roscoe Parrish -- "He talked about leaving (for the NFL). He's just real confident in himself. He's got that Miami attitude going. He said before the year when there was all that competition that he'd end up being the man and he was. I think he's ready for the league. If not for his size, he'd be a first rounder."

Darnell Jenkins -- "He's always working hard and in practice, he's killin it. Nobody can cover him most of the time. He catches everything. He's just a little small and didn't get a chance to break into the lineup. With Roscoe gone, he'll step up and will probably be the man next year."

Khalil Jones -- "He's probably in the best shape of anyone on the whole team. He's got an NFL body. I saw him run 4.4s at 215 pounds. You dont even see that in the league. He just needs to get better because he drops a lot of passes yet. Once he starts catching them, watch out because that man is a freak."

Greg Olsen -- "He's awesome. He's hurt a lot though. He'll be better than Shockey they think if he can stay off the injured list. He's real tall and runs fast. In the open field, he's a mismatch against linebackers and safeties. He's like a freak."

Eric Winston -- "That man is so raw. He's real strong and knows how to finish people off. Nobody gets around him. He's nasty too. Before he got injured, nobody was getting by him. Once he gets healthy again, he'll come back pissed off and ready to play."

Andrew Bain -- "He was overweight this year but he's so powerful and just tosses people around like it's nothing sometimes. He works hard too and he's smart. He's not gonna be real good till he gets in the right shape but when he does, he'll be knocking people's heads into the ground."

Chris Rutledge -- "That's the guy you need to watch for. He's tall and skinny but he has long arms, he moves his feet really good, and he comes after you. He aint soft. Everyone had problems against him. He's gonna be a star in the making, you watch."

incoming recruit Reggie Youngblood -- "I've known Reggie for awhile. He's actually really good. He's got a basketball body. He's kinda skinny right now but he does everything really good. As a left tackle, he can probably play in the league some day."

Orien Harris -- "He kinda got lazy there for awhile. When he wants to turn it on, nobody can stop him. I think he'll come back next year and have the year people thought he'd have this year. He's got all the ability in the world and can just run through people when he's motivated."

Teraz McCray -- "He's built low to the ground and he's real quick so it's hard for the bigger guys to block him. He just works real hard every day and always comes to play hard. If you take a play off, he'll eat you up."

Rhyan Anderson -- "He's a total freak of nature. He's 6-5 and he's 290 pounds. I saw that man run a 4.6. He's not human sometimes. He destroys people. If he wants, he will be a top NFL draft pick in a couple years. Me and him worked out a lot together. We set a lot of freshmen records in the weight room. He's just one of those guys you have to see it to believe it. I'll be watching him."

incoming recruit Antonio Dixon -- "They say he's like a baby Sapp."

Eric Moncur -- "He might be the strongest guy on the team pound for pound. He's real quick off the edge too. He just got caught up in the depth chart and I think he redshirted. He's gonna sneak up on a lot of people."

Calais Campbell -- "He looks soft when you look at him. He's like 6-9 and looks like a basketball player. But he gets after it. He'll hit you hard too. He got a lot better as the season went along. He's gonna be awesome whenever he puts on some more weight."

Bryan Pata -- "He had a great freshman year but then he had some injuries and I think he had kinda a disappointing year. He's got it in him though. When he's healthy and ballin, he'll destroy people."

Chris Zellner -- "When you look at him, he's kinda small and doesn't really look like a football player. But he comes hard and makes plays. He's gonna sneak up on a lot of people."

Rocky McIntosh -- "He said he'd have a big year and he was ballin most of the time. He needs another year. He's real fast and just knows how to make plays. He's real good on workouts and conditioning type stuff."

Romeo Davis -- "He came in, shut his mouth, and went to work. You gotta like that. He's always around the ball and just is the guy you want at every position."

Jon Beason -- "He'll smash you and he really wants it. He works hard and everything. He's smart out there too. He'll be as good as any of those guys."

Willie Williams -- "He's the man. He was real hungry not being able to play. He's going to smash heads next year. I think he'll start over Tavares. You can't leave a guy like that off the field."

James Bryant -- "He's the hardest hitter on the whole team. He just lights people up. When Kyle got injured, he told every O-Lineman that he would put them on their (butt). He whipped (current lineman) right into Kyle's ankle. He's so big and just smashes people. He can run too. They put him at fullback some when Cobia got hurt. I'd love to see him play there next year. If Charlie or Derron could run behind him, they'd have some pretty big holes opening up."

Kelly Jennings -- "He's quiet and goes to work. Everyone talked about Rolle but Kelly did his thing out there."

Devin Hester -- "He kept them in some games and saved the defense in the Louisville game. He's the fastest player I've ever seen. He'll lock it down at corner next year. He plays it like a receiver. I think he'll be a better cornerback than Rolle by the time he's done."

Anthony Reddick -- "He's one of those guys who is always in the right spot at the right time. He's another guy who came in, shut his mouth, and started ballin. I watched Kenny Phillips in high school and I cant wait to see those two in the same backfield if Kenny comes. Reddicks like Reed and Kenny's like Sean Taylor."

Carlos Armour -- "He's gonna be great. He's real big and knocks people around while he's playing corner. Everyone's using the big receivers these days and thats why we needed Rolle so much. He can be like that too."

Overall offense next year -- "I think they're gonna be better at every position. They played good enough to win just about every game this year. They'll have more guys who can make big plays and the O-Line should be a lot improved."

Overall defense next year -- "The defense has enough talent to win every game. They're gonna be off the chain. The defense had some letdowns this year but a lot of those guys were new and some weren't hungry enough. They learned from it. We redshirted a lot of guys who will push a lot of the people who played this year."

Coach Coker -- "Great man. He's like a father figure and a friend. He really cares for everyone on the team and is always joking around and stuff. You wanna play hard for him."

Coach Shannon -- "He's been where we are. We respect him. He's got a lot of good players coming back. I'm confident he'll fix whatever went wrong this year and come back like they were in 2001."

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