USC or Miami

All the visits are done. It's decision time for defensive lineman Kyle Moore. "I'm all finished now," Moore said. "It's the time where I just gotta sit down and figure out where I'm going. I'll probably announce it on signing day."

At 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds, Moore has narrowed his list down to two -- UM and USC.

"It's between those two," he said. "They're really the same in a lot of ways but then again, they're a lot different."

Moore talked about the similiarities between the two programs.

"They're both really successful," he said. "When it comes to winning, it doesn't get any better than those two. They both put a lot of guys into the league too. Plus, they both already have a lot of defensive ends on the team so they didn't need to recruit many guys this year. That doesn't bother me though because I know what I'm capable of doing."

On the otherhand, Moore knows there are a lot of differences between the two.

"The USC visit was OK but it wasn't anything like my Miami visit," he said. "That was a big difference. At USC, it was raining so everything pretty much shut down. It seemed like that put a damper on everything. It was raining in Miami but that didn't matter. Everyone still was out doing stuff and having fun. Those guys know how to have fun and then get serious when it's time to get down to business. Plus, the facilities at Miami were a little better."

The talented defensive lineman spent most of the weekend with hosts Orien Harris and Javon Nanton.

"We were doing all kinds of things," he said. "We ate well. We chilled a lot and went a lot of places. I seen Sean Taylor, Andre Johnson, and guys like that. Those guys are real loyal to their former team. It's like a big family atmosphere with those guys. They make you real comfortable."

Moore spent a lot of time with fellow recruits Antone Smith, Luqman Abdallah, and Matt Pipho.

"Those guys were real cool," he said. "Antone is real laid back. (Matt) is pretty quiet. Luq was my roommate. He's real laid back. He's a big dude. He loved the visit and he even committed to Miami. I might be joining him soon."

Moore said he'll spend the next few weeks going back and forth between the two programs before he arrives at a final decision.

"It could go either way but Miami was real impressive," he said. "I could definitely see myself fitting in there. That's gonna be hard to say no to. I'm enjoying the recruiting process, though."

Moore may be announcing his final decision on Countdown To Signing Day, a recruiting show that is broadcast throughout the South.

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