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While most eyes are focused on Antone Smith at the running back position this year, the Canes appear to have a possible backup plan in mind. Jacksonville (Fla.) Andrew Jackson standout Ranier Rackley made it hard for them not to.

At 6-feet and 198 pounds, the younger cousin of current FSU running back Leon Washington, Rackley is coming off another impressive season.

"I had 1,550 yards in the regular season and ended up with 1,900 total yards," Rackley said. "I was just out there having fun and doing what I do best."

The talented runner has been playing football for as long as he can remember. He's grown quite confident in his abilities.

"Like that All-American game yesterday, I wish I could have been there," he said. "Those guys were alright but come on. If I had an O-Line like that to run behind, are you kidding me? All I need is a small crack. I'm always falling forward. I can make people miss, run away from guys, whatever it takes."

Watching Rackley's tape makes it easy to agree with his personal assessment. Now that football season is over, he's gearing up for track season. In the meantime, the recruiting process is taking up some of his time.

"It's been kinda weird because I didn't take the ACT until last month," he said. "I waited too long and it might come back to get me. Everyone's waiting on those scores. They say that's most important right now. I should be getting them back any day now."

Rackley, who says he carries a 2.8 core GPA and has passed both sections of the FCAT, is running out of visit dates.

"I'm playing in an all-star game next Saturday so my first visit will be the weekend after that," he said. "I'm not sure where I'll go yet."

The talented runner had strong interest from Florida State early in the process but that went away.

"A lot of schools were recruiting me but I guess they're all starting to fill up because of how I've had to keep them waiting on my test scores."

Rackley said he's only heard from two Div. 1 programs in recent days.

"A coach from Missouri called me today talking about me coming up for a visit," he said. "Coach Hagreaves called me on Wednesday."

Rackley said while he has some interest in the Tigers, it's been a dream of his for a long time to play for the Hurricanes.

"I grew up as a Gator fan but then as I got older and started having my own style and preference I realized that I would fit in a lot better at Miami," he said. "Plus, Miami produces running backs better than anyone else. I honestly feel I'm the best guy out there so if I had a chance to play at Miami with those players and coaches, that would be the best situation for me. A lot of their running backs go to the NFL and that's where I wanna be someday. Plus, it's a private school and I like how everyone in the media and other teams and stuff seem to dislike Miami a lot because of their reputation. They have guys who work hard and get their degrees just like anyone else but for some reason people like to hate on them. I'd love to be there."

Rackley said UM came by the school during the May evaluation period but didn't keep in regular contact again until towards the end of the season.

"They came to our game against Godby at the end of the season," he said. "I think I stood out. He started calling a lot after that, just kept asking about my scores and talking about different things. When he called the other day, he was checking on my scores and all that. He said whenever I get them that's when we can figure out what my options are."

Rackley knows the Canes are focused on running back Antone Smith as their top choice.

"Coach Hargreaves said Antone's the only guy they've really recruited all year at our position," he said. "I guess they wanna have someone else in mind just in case he doesn't end up at Miami. As soon as I get my scores, I'm gonna call Miami and let them know what's up."

The Jacksonville product has begun looking into prep school at Georgia Military Academy.

"That's just in case I dont get my scores on time and I need to spend a year getting them up," he said. "I could still go somewhere as a freshman. I'm still gonna go do my thing, wherever it's at. Hopefully Miami."

Rackley spent his first two years in high school at Mandarin before transferring to Jackson for his junior year.

"Mandarin was good," he said. "I took the PSAT when I was going there and got a 920. I'm pretty sure my scores on the ACT will be fine."

Rackley said he's been high on the Hurricanes for quite awhile and even got to know more about the process through some of his close friends.

"Dee Webb is my God brother and he almost went to Miami," he said. "If you walked into his room, all you'd see is Miami stuff. He had a lot of good things to say about Miami."

While Rackley will likely take a visit somewhere on the 28th, how serious would he be about the Hurricanes if they were to offer late, perhaps on signing day.

"If Antone doesn't go there and they need another running back, I'd love to be there," he said. "That's my dream."

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