Down the Stretch

Two weeks from now things will finally come to an end as the remaining undecided prospects will have made up their minds on their college choice. Here's what I'm thinking heading into the final stretch, regarding kids I've been talking to throughout the season.

Carlton Hill - Although USF is very excited about the future of Courtney Denson, I think Hill realizes that's a very good fit for him. He knows he's a QB all the way there and I think that's going to be important in his final decision. As of now, I say it's USF but things may change after this weekend. If he doesn't come, I doubt UM will take another QB since it doesn't seem like they're recruiting any others right now.

Antone Smith - He's quiet but for a reason. He is making people wait in suspense. He's been high on UM since day one, they've made him a huge priority, and he had a good visit. Again, I'd be surprised if he went to Auburn. I'm going with UM on this one.

Fred Rouse - Florida State, although I think Texas has a better chance than most people think.

Brian Robiskie and LaVar Lobdell - I haven't spoken to them yet but they're both expected to visit UM this weekend. I guess there's a good chance one of them could commit but I don't see it at this point.

Tommy Trott - Highly unlikely. I wouldn't be surprised if his visit was canceled this weekend. I think Farr will be it at tight end this year.

Chris Barney - I think he already knows where he's going and odds are that it's UM. I'd be real surprised if they let him get away. He'll be the No. 4 linemen in this group.

Kyle Moore - It's down to USC and UM. I think he, too, already knows. I'd be shocked if he picked the Trojans over Miami. Interesting note -- Georgia loved him early but began recruiting him as a tackle. That plan backfired since he wants to play end. When they sent several coaches to his house to recruit him again this past month, he wasn't interested. That's why UGA never became a major player.

Richard Gordon - He's a local kid, great athlete, and he's from one of the area's top schools that hasn't sent many kids to UM in recent years. Those are the reasons why I think UM will offer him. I predict he'll be a Cane on signing day. If you recall, he was far and away the best player at USF's linemen camp (over 400 kids) this past summer. When he's healthy and motivated, he looks like a future pro.

Ricky Jean-Francois - The biggest question is whether or not UM will send him papers on signing day. If they do, I think he'll sign them. If not, he's likely headed to either Tennessee or Florida State.

Ekom Udofia - As I've said from day 1, I'd be real surprised if he ended up a Hurricane. I never pictured him as a UM type of kid and I'd be real surprised if he ended up here now that we have Joseph, Dixon, and Abdallah coming in at tackle.

Brian Cushing - Everyone talks about USC but the very first time I spoke to him, distance was on his list of factors. Maybe that doesn't matter anymore but we'll see. With a strong visit this weekend, I think UM will be in much better shape than people think.

Jon Demps - I think he and Cushing are the two kids UM's waiting for. Coach Coker was scheduled to see him earlier tonight but switched it to next week. I think that's because they want to see what happens with Cushing first. That's just my own personal opinion so we'll see. Even if UM doesn't get Cushing, I see Demps headed somewhere else -- possibly Florida.

Neefy Moffett - He told me UM said to hold off on his commitment. They want to see what others do first. It may end up being too late. If Cushing and Demps don't pick UM, I'm not sure if Moffett wont wait around till the last minute. If he does, it'll get interesting. FSU, his other major option, wants him to play d-end and he wants to play LB. Should get interesting.

Jerome Hayes - I think it's safe to cross him off the list.

Luther Brown - I doubt he even visits but if so, I see him as a total long shot.

Kenny Phillips - He gets back from Tennessee on Wednesday so we'll know some more. Like Ricky Jean Francois told me, it would be a surprise if Kenny didn't end up staying home. I predict Miami. If they don't get him, it appears they're OK with taking just two DBs this year.

Avery Atkins - After an early commitment to Florida, Avery began having second thoughts about it and for awhile he was strongly favoring UM although not mentioning it to reporters. He was planning a signing day shocker. However, that all changed when he took his visit to UM. He's now firmly a Gator.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. I expect all the current commitments to sign with UM in February.

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