Courtney Harris Q&A

Jupiter, Fla defensive end Courtney Harris committed to the University of Miami last October. We caught up with him recently for the latest as we head towards Signing Day.

How was the All-Star game on Saturday?

It was OK. I made a couple plays but not many. The dude Ventrise from Suncoast was pretty good.

Who was the best player on the field?

Randy Phillips from Glades Central. He makes it look easy. He was ballin' out there.

How did your season finish up this year?

We got eliminated but it was straight. I got Defensive Player of the Year for the county.

What have you been up to since it's been over?

I ain't playing basketball this year so I've pretty much just been lifting and running a lot. I'm up to 240. I wanna be ready.

Are you still committed to UM?

Yes sir.

Have other schools continue recruiting you?

Yeah, a lot of them have called and stuff. I told them every time I'm going to Miami. It has slowed down a lot. I'm only taking one visit -- that's Miami this weekend coming up.

What are your thoughts on Miami's season?

They struggled on defense at times but they really got it together and played good at the end. They destroyed Florida.

They have a lot of defensive ends there already?

Yeah but it ain't really matter too much to me. I just gotta go in and beat some people out. Everyone's gonna have competition somewhere.

How are you going to compete?

Just work hard, stay focused, and learn what they start teaching me when I get there.

Who are some of the area's best juniors?

Brandon Heath from Palm Beach Lakes was really good. That's about it that I remember. He's real good, can play receiver or safety.

What do you think about going to Miami?

They're the best program, I think. It's close to home. They recruited me hard all year. It was pretty much an easy decision for me. I'm a Cane.

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