Avery Atkins Q&A

Daytona Beach (Mainland) defensive back Avery Atkins remains a verbal commitment to the Forida Gators. Atkins chose the Gators over Miami and we caught up with him to see if that has changed at all.

What's been going on lately?

I've been chillin man. I'm starting baseball practice next week. I've just been going on all these visits and stuff.

Talk about CaliFlorida?

Man, we showed Florida's got the best talent. Your boy Fred Rouse is tight, though. He's as good as people say. I think he'll be a star in college. Randy Phillips was pretty good too -- and Morley, too. Antone Smith, that man is unreal.

Why didn't you end up in the Army All-American Game?

Man, I was all ready. They came and did the ceremony and everything. Then like two weeks before, they called and said they filled up with corners. I was like, 'whatever man'.

Thoughts on that game?

Where did they get some of those guys? Man, those corners were getting beat all day. Why didn't they play Morley and Kenny Phillips more? Me and those two would have shut things down.

What's been going on with recruiting?

I'm going to Florida for sure now. I met the new coaches and everything. Three of them came to my house yesterday actually. They were coming to see me and then they were going to see Jon Demps up in Pensacola.

Do you know Demps?

Yeah, we're tight. I've known him for awhile. We were chillin in Miami for our visit. He's gonna be in Florida with us next weekend.

Where do you think he'll go to college?

Most likely Florida but you never know.

What attracts you to Florida?

I really like Coach Strong and I just enjoy the environment and everything there. I'm gonna wear No. 4 so I gotta represent. They said if I come in there early over the summer that I would have a chance to play as a freshman. That's what I'm trying to do.

What happened with Miami?

Yeah man, they fell off when I took my visit there. It just didn't go like I thought it would. I didn't feel like I fit in too well. The environment just wasn't for me. They're still straight and everything. The coaches are nice and everything. With all the guys they're getting, they'll be straight. I'm not really considering them anymore.

What other visits do you have left?

Bobby Bowden just left my house right before you called. He was talking mainly about academics. I passed my ACT so I'm straight. He said just keep my grades up. I'm going up there this weekend for my visit. He knows what the real deal is.

When is Florida?

Next weekend. I'll be there with Jon (Demps), Brian (Ellis), Brent (Davis), and Matt (Lewis).

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