Chris Barney Q&A

Miami Northwestern offensive lineman Chris Barney is visiting the Miami Hurricanes this weekend. He offers us the latest in his recruitment heading into his visit.

What's been going on lately?

I've been training and played in a couple All-Star games.

The guy from California was supposed to be ranked No. 1 in the nation. What do you think?

You saw what I did to him. There are better players here in Dade County.

Who's the best in Dade?

Ricky from Carol City. He's just so strong and quick that it makes it tough. If you're not ready to go every single play against him, he'll eat you up. He's done that to a lot of guys.

What prepared you so well to play the tackle position?

Going up against Leron (King) and Dustin (Forston) every day in practice it what it was. They're only like 210 pounds but they're both really fast off the ball. They got me ready for the quickness of anyone I'll see.

How are the grades?

I'm straight, qualified and everything.

Who stood out most during Dade/Broward practices?

Ricky did. The safety from Pace (Quinton Andrews) was all over making plays. He's gonna be straight when he gets to college.

What's the latest on the recruiting stuff?

I got it down to UM, USC, Oklahoma, and NC State. Those are the four main ones.

Talk about NC State?

The coaches are cool and they're getting a lot of guys from down here.


I'm probably going for a visit there next weekend but they have been recruiting me pretty hard.


Champions. They got it going on right now.


It's home. They have been coming at me hard the whole time. It's gonna be hard to leave.

UM struggled this season, do you think it'll continue?

You can't win all the time. They were a little young and lost all those guys to the pros. They just need new guys to step up. That's UM man, they'll be straight.

I heard UM got an All-American tackle from Texas committed?

He better be ready to bring it. I don't think he's played the competition I have. If I end up going out there, I'll see what he's got.

Any coaches coming by the house lately?

Only UM. Coach Coker came. He's real cool, I like him.

Where are you visiting this weekend?


I heard you lost a lot of weight?

Yeah, I was getting too big there for awhile. I'm 315 now. I feel a lot quicker.

What will you do between now and August to maintain?

Just keep working hard. Once I sign, it's on.

What makes you different as an O-Lineman?

Going against the best players around here the last couple years. Most of the top-ranked linemen don't get that and they're behind when they get to college.

When will people know?

Probably on Signing Day.

Best Junior in Dade County?

I'd have to say Timothy Paulk, the quarterback from Jackson.

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