Jon Demps Q&A

Pensacola (Washington Senior), Fla. linebacker Jon Demps still has five colleges he is considering. We spoke with him for the latest as Signing Day is less than two weeks away.

What have you been up to lately?

Just trying to handle all of this recruiting stuff. The trips and everything are keeping me real busy.

Is the entire process starting to get on your nerves some?

Not really because it only happens once. Knowing that I got a scholarship for my future is a pretty good thing so I can't complain.

Who's the best player you faced this season?

That's tough to say because none really stand out. We played Suwannee and they have Bruce Johnson, who is a great player. He's real fast but Wayne (Burgess, a junior) shut him down. He finished with two catches for 12 yards the whole game. But he's real fast and you always gotta keep an eye on him.

You're one of the most heavily recruited linebackers in Florida. How did that all happen?

Actually, I started at Pensacola Christian Academy. It was a K through 12 program but when I got to 8th grade I told my mom that I wanted to play sports. So I transferred in 9th and started playing football. It just came natural to me and I kept getting bigger and stronger and faster.

Where are you at with choosing a college destination?

Right now, I still don't know. I've been going on all the visits. I'm taking this week off and then going to Florida next weekend.

Who's still involved?

It's out of between Florida, Florida State, Miami, Auburn, and LSU. I've liked some visits more than others but right now, it's pretty much all even.

Talk about Florida?

Coach Meyer, Coach Strong, and those guys all came by my house yesterday. They need linebackers bad. They want me to come in and start in the middle and then maybe I can move outside. My boy Avery (Atkins) is going up there too so I would know some of those guys. That's who I'm gonna be with on my visit next weekend. It looks like a real good situation right now at Florida. I'll just have to see how comfortable I am there.

How do you know Avery?

I've known him for a while now. It started in 10th grade when we were at LSU's camp together. We might end up playing in college together, too.

Talk about Florida State?

Coach Andrews was here today actually. Coach Bowden came here before. It was crazy. Everyone on my street was mad cuz Coach Bowden was here. They were all like, 'why didn't you tell me he was here,' and stuff like that. I had a great visit there. It's only two and a half hours away from home. They know what's up.


My brother's there and it's one of the top schools. They are real successful and I've been on them for a long time now.


I had a great visit up there. The coaches are real cool with me. They just had a real good season and they need me to come in there and help keep it going.


I just got off the phone with Coach Hargrove (Hargreaves). That's who I was talking to when you called in. I've been real cool with him all year. They're coming up here to see me next week. I was with Avery on my visit there. It was tight. They need linebackers too. I think they only have seven guys now and some of them will be gone after next year. It's a good situation and I've always been interested in Miami.

How will you go about making the final decision?

I'll wait till the end of all my visits and then start comparing everything. It's gonna be a tough decision.

Best Junior in the area?

Brian Threat (Greg's cousin). He's a legit 6-2 and about 190 now. They'll probably put him at receiver next year. I told you about him before, remember? I think he'll be one of the best players in the state next year.

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