UM Impresses OL

Chris Barney had already been to UM several times for unofficial visits and on Friday he began his official trip to the school. "It was nice," Barney said. "It's the first time I took an official visit there. They got a great program -- the players, coaches, and everything."

Barney, 6-5 and 315 pounds, said he enjoyed hanging out with several players and fellow recruits during the trip.

"It was me, Kenny (Phillips), Randy Phillips, Bruce Johnson, Fred Rouse, and Neefy hanging out most of the time," he said. "Bruce and Randy are committed. Kenny will probably come. Neefy said he wants to. Fred's not sure yet but I know he liked it a lot too."

Barney said he also met LaVar Lobdell from New York.

"He's a big dude at receiver and I think he'll come too," he said.

The talented lineman said he enjoyed spending time with UM coaches as well.

"They care about you as people and not just football players," he said. "That's what I like. They make you feel comfortable and since it's like home, it's real comfortable to me."

Barney isn't ready to make a final decision yet, however.

"It's Miami, N.C. State, USC, and Oklahoma," he said. "I got a trip scheduled to Oklahoma next weekend. Right now though, I really like Miami. They got a great program, I know a lot of the guys there, the coaches are cool, and it's close to home."

Barney says he will announce his decision either on Countdown To Signing Day this coming Wednesday or he'll wait till a press conference his school is having on signing day.

Barney is a full academic qualifier.

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