Kenny Phillips Q&A

Miami (Carol City) safety Kenny Phillips is the nation's #1 safety prospect. He has narrowed his college choice down to two schools - Miami and Tennessee. Which will he choose?

What's been going on lately?

I've been chillin, just trying to handle all the recruiting stuff. It's almost over now, though.

Why didn't you play in CaliFlorida?

We had a basketball tournament and plus the US Army Game was coming up so I just thought it was best that I didn't play.

Talk about the U.S. Army Game?

I had a great time. It was fun out there. They were rotating us around a lot so it was hard to get into the flow of the game. There were a lot of great players there. Pat (Turner) was real nice.

What makes you different than most other safeties out there?

I can make the big plays whenever my team needs them. I have the size and speed but so do a lot of players. I can make the plays.

What's the latest on recruiting?

It's been keeping me real busy lately. I got it down to Miami, Tennessee, and Florida State.

What's the visit schedule look like?

I went to Tennessee last week. I just got back from my visit to Miami today. I'm supposed to go to Florida State next weekend but I don't think I'm gonna end up going. It's pretty much Miami and Tennessee right now.

Talk about the Tennessee visit?

It was great. I really like Coach Trooper (Taylor). They have a good environment up there and I could see myself fitting in well.

Talk about the Miami visit?

It was great too. I really like the coaches there. I know a lot of the players there and hung out with some of them this weekend. They got four guys from Carol City on the team and I'm tight with all of them. I'm real comfortable at UM. Coach Shannon and Coach Walton are real cool. There were a lot of recruits there this weekend and a lot of them are going to UM so I got to chill with them some too.

What are the differences between the two?

There are none. It's pretty much exactly the same. The coaches are cool, the programs are successful, and I feel comfortable at both places. It's just that Miami is closer to home.

What's the schedule like for this week?

Coach Trooper is coming to my house this week and I think Coach Shannon and Coach Walton are coming too.

What about Ricky and UM?

He's trying to get his test scores up. If he does, I'm sure they'll offer him. He's working on that. I got mine out of the way.

When will everyone know of your final decision?

It'll be on signing day at the school.

Best Junior in Dade County?

I'd say Terry Jones (CC running back). He's kinda small but he's real fast and I think he's gonna be the best around next year.

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