Richard Gordon Q&A

Is Richard Gordon a longshot to sign with the Miami Hurricanes next Wednesday? We caught up with him for the latest on his recruitment as we head into the final visit weekend for recruits. Read on to find out where Gordon stands on his decision.

What's been going on lately?

Nothing. I played in CaliFlorida since the last time we talked. It was tight. Everyone was good. I was recruited to play tight end in that game and they ain't never threw me the ball.

A lot of people continue to list you as a tight end?

Man, I ain't no tight end. I'm a defensive end. That's where I'm gonna play in college.

What's the academic situation looking like?

I was supposed to take the test last week but it got rescheduled for next month.

What score do you need?

I don't even know.

What score do you have?

I'm not even sure. You'd have to ask my coach.

What's the latest with recruiting?

It's either Florida or Miami. It's looking like Florida right now, though.

What do you like about the Canes?

It's close to home but I don't know about all that right now.

What do you like about the Gators?

Man, I went on my visit and it was amazing. Everyone there really liked it. The people, the coaches, everything. They're putting together a great class, too. Plus, I've known Doc Holliday for about three years now. Coach Meyer was at my house yesterday.

So basically you're signing with the Gators next Wednesday?

Huh? (changing subjects)

What's up with UM? I'm supposed to go out there this week. They said they still have a scholarship but I don't talk to Coach Shannon too much anymore. They already got a bunch of guys anyway.

Has anyone ever talked about you waiting until January to start school?

No and I ain't doing all that anyway.

Neefy Moffett might?

He should go to Florida State.

What's Florida's scholarship situation?

Me and Vlad Richard can come in as the new defensive ends.

I heard Antone Smith might end up at Florida?

Yeah, it's like a 90 percent chance he'll be there in Gainesville too. They're getting everyone now it seems like. When I talked to him at the game, he talked about going to Auburn. But I guess they're getting some other running backs.

Who else from Norland is going to sign?

Me, Garrett (White), Gary (Watts), Andre (Coleman), there's like nine of us doing D1.

Where's Andre Coleman going?

He's looking at North Carolina and South Florida and I think he's going to Florida this week. He's the big sleeper a lot of people don't know about yet.

Who's the man at Norland next season?

Shannon Ballard, our safety. I think he'll be the No. 1 safety next year, like Kenny was this year.

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