Where Does Demps Stand?

Former University of Miami offensive lineman Ty Wise is now an assistant coach at his alma-mater, Washington High School in Pensacola. That also happens to be the home of standout linebacker Jon Demps. The two have developed a good relationship.

"Coach Wise is great," Demps said. "He's been through the process and everything so he's helped me out. I went with him to some of the camps and combines and stuff last spring."

Demps, now 6-4 and 225 pounds, became a major prospect last spring and after a strong senior season nothing much has changed to lower his status any. He took his final recruiting visit to the University of Florida this past weekend.

"I had a great time in Gainesville," he said. "I was with Avery (Atkins), Brian Ellis, and those guys. Coach Meyer is doing a great job there. He's real excited about the future and seems to have a lot of energy. Florida's been real high on my list and I got to see how they are going to need some linebackers for this coming season. It was a great visit, the best I've been to so far."

Demps, a full academic qualifier, is also considering LSU, Miami, and Florida State.

"I already know where I'm probably going," he said. "It's between those schools right there. I'll announce the final decision on Wednesday, which is when we all sign."

Demps was asked about his final thoughts on the Hurricanes.

"They're a great program," he said. "They need some linebackers too and they've been on me hard from the very beginning. There's a lot to like about them because of the tradition and the way they pump out guys into the NFL. They're one of the schools I'm looking at still."

The talented linebacker said he'll use the quiet time over the next few days to make sure he's making the right decision.

"I've always felt the Lord will point me in the direction he wants me to go," he said. "In just a couple days it'll become official."

Demps has a brother at LSU and is closest to the Florida State campus, two main reasons why those two programs are still on his list.

"I know a lot about LSU," he said. "I went to their camp as a 10th grader. I've known about them for awhile. My brother's there but he's always told me just to make my own decision and do what's best for me. Florida State isn't too far from here. They have a lot of tradition too and the coaches are real cool."

Demps will let the recruiting world know on Wednesday where he plans to spend his college days.

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