Moffett Thinking It Over

Palm Bay standout linebacker Neefy Moffett had scholarship offers from the first four schools he took official visits to this year -- Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Florida State, and Georgia. He then narrowed down his list a few weeks ago.

"Before I went to Miami I pretty much knew it was gonna be either them or Florida State," Moffett said. "Then when I went to Miami I learned about their scholarship situation that I told you about last week."

Moffett was offered a scholarship by the UM coaches. However, it had conditions attached to it. They said they definitely have an opening for Moffett to start in January but they need to see what happens with other players before they can promise him a spot for the fall semester.

"When I left there, they said they'd keep in touch and let me know," he said. "I heard from them on Wednesday or Thursday. They were talking about admission something or some junk like that."

Moffett, 6-1 and 250 pounds, was favoring the Hurricanes for most of the process. However, that started changing this past week.

"I was OK with going there in January because I could still start out as a freshman and I could still live there and be around everything," he said. "Plus, that was my dream and I knew it was still alive. But now I'm having second thoughts about all that. I ain't even too much stressing it right now."

One of the reasons for that is because Florida State has turned up the heat in recent days.

"At first Florida State was telling me I'd play defensive end," he said. "I wanted to play linebacker, which is what Miami recruited me as. Then Coach Andrews told me the other day that I could play anywhere I wanted. He said they just wanted to get me up there. I could start at Florida State in June."

So does that mean Moffett is likely headed to Tallahassee.

"Maybe but it's still up in the air right now," he said. "It doesn't look like that extra scholarship from Miami is gonna open up but since it's the dead period starting in the morning, I probably won't know till Wednesday. That's when I'll sign somewhere and make it official."

Moffett is a full academic qualifier.

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