Rios Wants To Be #1 PG

Edwin Rios is a sophomore point guard at Miami Senior High School. He wants to be the best point guard in the country. He does everything he can off the court in order to achieve his goal.

Described by his Team Breakdown AAU coach Kenny Gillion as very humble and someone who is continuously working to get better, Miami High sophomore Edwin Rios had a summer to remember and it has shown in numbers as he is considered one of the top five players in the Class of 2007 by ever major publication in the nation.

And the major programs around the country have taken notice.

Although being only a sophomore Gillion says that every major college in the country is recruiting Rios as much as they can by NCAA rules and regulations.

But even in that, there are those who speculate that Rios might never see a college campus and be the first Latin player to declare for the NBA Draft straight out of high school.

Rios, however, still has a top six when it comes to schools that he might eventually commit to once his time arrives to make that decision.

"I want to play where the tempo is fast-paced," Rios said. "A guard-oriented offense is where I want to go."

That should be appealing to the ears of UM fans he lists UM, FSU, Wake Forest, Duke, Cincinnati and Louisville as his top six in no specific order, although Rios did say UM before any other school.

Following the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas in July, Gillion said Rios' stock skyrocketed.

At that tournament, Rios broke Carmelo Anthony's record for points scored in the event while leading Breakdown to the championship before falling to the top-rated junior Greg Oden's team.

"He went from being one of the top players in his class to being ranked as one of top 20 players regardless of class in the entire country," Gillion said. "He was ranked as one of the top 5 point guards at ABCD."

En route to that game, Rios went head-to-head with the top-rated sophomore in the nation, O.J. Mayo, and led Breakdown to two wins over Mayo's D-I Greyhounds.

Regardless of being ranked in the top five in the nation, Rios won't stop until he is number one and even then, he'll just keep on going.

"I am not content with being in the top five," Rios said. "Number one is what I strive for."

On top of that, winning a state championship at Miami High is something he yearns for.

"I think our biggest obstacle to keep us from Lakeland is South Miami," Rios said. "They have some great players over there like Brian Asbury and they just got Abdul Herrera back."

But beyond high school and college recruitment, Rios' goal is simple.

"My dream is to play in the NBA," Rios said. "I play for my parents and more than anything I want to be able to take care of them and get them a bigger house and make sure they are okay as they get older."

And while Rios currently averages 26 points, 5.2 assists and 6 rebounds a game, he knows that as a 6-foot guard the position that is calling his name at the next level is point guard.

"I know that I need to find my teammates at the next level," Rios said. "I score in high school more because I have to and my team needs me to."

Gillion has seen Rios' transformation as from a scorer into more of a point guard role.

"He's really made an effort to find his teammates and be a point guard," Gillion said. "In one of the most impressive performances of the season he scored 35 points had 11 assists and 10 rebounds while going head-to-head against one of the nation's top guards Kansas-bound Mario Chalmers."

While it's a long while from potentially seeing Rios in a UM uniform, can you picture the silky smooth lefty running the show side-by-side with Denis Clemente, Brian Asbury and Adrian Thomas?

"UM would accept a commitment from him today," Gillion said.

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