Winston Journal #3

Eric Winston checks back with CanesTime for his third journal. In this edition he talks about his rehab from a torn ACL, his thoughts on the recruiting process, and the offensive line.

Canes fans,

Things are going good with my rehab and I am getting better every day. I have been lifting weights lately and doing just about everything like extensions and curls. I feel like my knee is really starting to get back and I have been doing light running also which is going well.

One thing about going through this knee surgery is that without a doubt I have learned more about myself. I had never been through something like this. I remember when I first started going to rehab and how things have changed. It sucks being hurt, but it is been a learning process.

Last week I had four tests in my classes. For the most part school is going good, but whenever you are in your last semester you get to the point that you don't want to do any more work. But I am still plugging away with it.


I really like what we did with our recruiting class this year and I think it is an awesome class. We are bringing in two of the top players from Texas with DajLeon Farr and Reginald Youngblood. For any team to get two of the top players is pretty remarkable. Even it was a team like Oklahoma who recruits Texas a lot, it is a pretty big deal. Coach Mario Cristobal did an awesome job of recruiting those guys. I know coach Larry Coker was a little upset with not getting Antone Smith, but if the situation was reversed and some of the guys that didn't commit early would have waited to commit on signing day then we would have been pretty happy.

Looking back on when I was recruited it was a pretty hectic time. I don't think people realize how crazy it gets. There are a lot of things the NCAA changed this past year with limiting private jets and expensive meals, but to me I think that is just part of it. I think they are leaving out a lot of things that need to be changed. I think they should have asked a panel of current college athletes of things they would have like to change as opposed to having people in charge who have never been recruited. One of the things that I think should be changed is how often the coaches can call the kids. Around signing day coaches are calling kids 2-3 times a day and with four schools or so calling, it can be hectic. I think kids pull back or withdraw from it all because they are so burnt out from everything.

I can remember the first day coaches could call players, on September 1, and Notre Dame called my house at 6:45 in the morning. I was still asleep at that time. they just wanted to be the first ones to call. Even when I committed to Miami, coach Rod Chudzinki wanted to visit me, but I just told him he didn't need to. I told him not to worry and that I was coming. I was just tired of everybody trying to talk to me about it. also, maybe the NCAA should look into an early signing period, but if they do that then the players will need to have official paid visits in the summer.


We have been trying to get everyone together as much as possible and we have been working hard since we came back in January. Last week we went to the Sports Grill and of course Derrick Morse was devouring wings like he always does. We have been watching a lot of film lately and have done some things with Canes on Patrol like we do every year, which is good for us, and it is for a good cause.

Each year the offensive line takes on it's own personality and right now I don't know how to describe the personality because I think we are still trying to figure ourselves out. I think we are working towards that and we all get along with one another so we'll see how it develops. I think we can have a good line this year because a lot of the guys have experience and they want to be good. We have four seniors on the line this year and even a guy like Derrick Morse, who will be a sophomore has a lot of experience. Then there are guys like Alex Pou and Anthony Wollschlager that haven't been in the lineup, but they are working hard right now. I don't know what direction we are going to go and time will tell.

We all get along well amongst the line but there are a couple of pairs of guys that hang out more with each other. Tony Tella and Rashad Butler are real close. They came in together and have lived together since their freshman year. Derrick Morse and John Rochford hang out a lot together also. A lot of the time when we hang out it might start out as a few guys, but then there is 8-10 of us together.

I hang out with a lot of different guys and I make it a point to get to know a lot of people. Obviously I hang out with a lot of the offensive line guys, but also I'll hang out with Orien Harris and Javon Nanton. Especially Orien. We would go up against each other in practice a lot and he has a good personality when dealing with people. He is a great guy and I think he will have a great season for us this year.

Everyone is feeling really good right now with spring practices just around the corner. Guys are getting stronger and for me, I am stronger than I have ever been. A lot of people are either losing weight to be in better shape or gaining weight to help them during the season. It will be good to get moving around again in the spring.

There will be competition at every position especially along the offensive line. I think it is going to be exciting around the team.


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