Pre Spring: OL

Note, this is only a partial list since my list will continue to grow throughout the spring and summer as I attend more camps and combines and get a chance to watch more of the top players.

Cruz Barrett, 6-5, 310, Daytona Beach (Mainland) -- He's huge and very talented. Barrett is coming off a junior season, which put his name on the recruiting map. He shut down opposing pass rushers all season because of his strength, wingspan, and quick feet. He's aggressive enough to play on the right side and athletic enough to play on the left. He's the real deal and is solid academically.

Marcus Gilbert, 6-5, 260, Fort Lauderdale (St. Thomas Aquinas) -- A guard prospect who plays on the most talented O-Line in the entire state, Gilbert moves laterally very well and does well in closed areas. He has the frame to add a lot more weight and his quick feet and football smarts help out a lot.

Javon Hill, 6-4, 335, Miami (Pace) -- A massive prospect who transferred from McArthur before his junior season. He had a solid season at Pace last season and even at 330+, he moves very well for his size. He's drawn comparisons to Chris Barney because of his size and ability to move from side to side. While he may not be in Barney's league yet, he's a top notch prospect because of the qualities he brings to the table.

Corey Hobbs, 6-5, 320, Oviedo -- A hard-nosed interior player who plays on both sides of the ball, Hobbs is a handful inside. Many project him to play on the defensive side of the ball in college but I think he could become an outstanding guard at the college level. He's extremely powerful and has a nasty streak that is missing most times when evaluating a 320+ pound player. He threw aside the competition as a junior as if he were to be on another level. If he can keep his weight down and continue working on his technique, the sky's the limit. He has everything you look for in a big time O-Line prospect.

Kevin Perez, 6-4, 275, Miami (Killian) -- Here's a player who opened some eyes as a sophomore but it was his junior season at Killian that really got people interested. By season's end, Perez was a dominating presence at left tackle for the 6A state champs. He moves his feet very well, he finishes his blocks, and he has the athletic ability to get downfield. He's valuable in other ways too because he can play any of the 5 line positions and he's very good academically.

Daron Rose, 6-5, 295, Tampa (Jefferson) -- I had heard a lot of good things about Rose leading up to last year's state playoffs and then I was fortunate enough to have watched him at the 3A state title game. He was more than impressive. He's got the right build -- he's plenty big enough but isn't carrying too much extra. Because of that, he's light on his feet for someone who is close to 300 pounds. He has the natural ability to bend his knees and stay low in the running game. He was a dominating force at Jefferson all season and looks like he's got a real bright future as an offensive lineman. If not for Sam Young, he'd likely be the state's top O-Line prospect heading into the spring.

Daniel Wegner, 6-3, 265, Ft. Lauderdale (St. Thomas Aquinas) -- Perhaps the state's top pure center prospect, Wegner anchored the line at STA as a junior and has a lot of what you look for in a player at that position. He's tall enough to handle the big defensive tackles and he's instinctive enough to successfully handle all the line calls. He plays well in space and is very well coached at the prep level.

Sam Young, 6-7, 275, Fort Lauderdale (St. Thomas Aquinas) -- I've seen some good offensive linemen at this age over the years. Vernon Carey, Jeff Faine (both first round draft picks) and Matt Hardrick were probably the three best I had seen live until I watched Young at the state games in Gainesville this past December. Young appears to be the total package at left tackle. He's every bit of 6-7 and he's lean. He has the build to add a lot more weight (and strength) while keeping his natural athleticism, quickness, and flexibility. He's a natural knee-bender, he's a finisher, he's athletic, he's well coached, and looks like a kid who has the upside to play for a long time on Sundays, barring injury. If there's a better left tackle prospect anywhere in America, please make me aware of it.

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