Pre Spring: LB

Note, this is only a partial list since my list will continue to grow throughout the spring and summer as I attend more camps and combines and get a chance to watch more of the top players.

Kevin Alexander, 6-2, 200, Lake Butler (Union County) -- The younger brother of former Florida Gator Benny Alexander, Kevin has the right body type you look for in a linebacker at this age. He has plenty of room to grow and his ability to get from sideline to sideline is already very impressive. He's an athletic kid who also plays basketball and runs track and was in on a lot of plays as a junior. While teammate CJ Spiller gets a lot of the attention at his school, Alexander will likely emerge as one of the state's best linebacker prospects this spring.

Emmanuel Cook, 5-10, 200, Palm Beach Gardens -- Although slightly undersized at 5-10, Cook makes up for it with his quickness to the ball and his ability to make plays. He had over 100 tackles as a junior last season and was devastating as a lead blocker at fullback. He runs well laterally and has an in your face style of play. Although his size will scare off some of the elite programs, Cook is still a legit Div 1 kid and will get interest from a lot of schools from around the country.

Chasman Davis, 6-0, 205, Port St. Lucie (Centennial) -- While Georgia-bound Jamar Chaney got a lot of the attention from the fans and opposing offenses early on last season, it was Davis who was drawing most of the attention from opposing offenses by season's end. Davis was unblockable coming off the edge as a junior last season. Despite playing in just seven games because of the hurricane season, Davis had 68 tackles, 21 for loss, and 10 quarterback sacks. From a playmaking standpoint, there weren't many better anywhere in the state at that position. He brings a tremendous amount of athletic ability to the position. Although he's just a hair under 6-0 and a hair over 200 right now, he runs like a cornerback and can cover ground in space like a free safety with wheels. Because of that ability, he'll likely have little trouble making the transition to playing in space. He's a better prospect right now than Chaney was at this age and if he can show college coaches this spring/summer that he can play well in space, he'll get recruited nationally.

LaBrandon Glover, 6-1, 210, Pensacola -- One of the most physically impressive linebackers in this year's class, Glover certainly passes the eye ball test everytime. He brings a tremendous amount of athletic ability to the position and coupled with a college-ready body and his tremendous ability to find the ball, you're looking at what is real close to being the total package at the linebacker position. He finished last season with over 130 tackles and will enter spring as one of the top overall defensive prospects in the entire state.

A.J. Jones, 6-2, 200, Tampa (Middleton) -- One of the most productive defensive players in the state last season, Jones finished the year with 148 tackles and 15 quarterback sacks. He runs from sideline to sideline exceptionally well because of his speed and quickness. In terms of locating the ball, few are better. That leads to an awesome combination. If he can repeat that performance as a senior, he'll get recruited by every program in America this coming season.

Sabbath Joseph, 5-11, 200, Miami Central -- On a defense loaded with talent, Joseph was the man in the middle at Central last season. He cleaned everything up from his linebacker position and reminded a lot of people of former teammate Ali Highsmith. With similar size and quickness as Highsmith, Joseph had over 80 tackles and while he doesn't have the big play flair that Highsmith did, he does have the instincts and overall ability to make a huge impact as a senior and become one of the state's top linebacker prospects.

Marcus Sims, 6-0, 225, Tallahassee (NFC) -- The younger brother of FSU standout Ernie Sims, Marcus is tearing up opponents at the prep level a lot like his brother did a few years ago. While Marcus doesn't have all the freakish physical skills that his brother did at this age, he's not far behind. In fact, he's probably a better running back. He ran for just under 1,000 yards as a junior but like his brother, he will likely play on defense in college. Sims finished the season with 94 total tackles and used his speed and instincts to make a lot of plays. He's not the type of player who will take someone's head off like Ernie but he is someone who will make a lot of plays because of his athletic ability and instinct to be in good position most of the time.

Craig Stephens, 5-11, 205, Tallahassee (Lincoln) -- At what is generally one of the state's top programs in terms of producing talent, Stephens appears to be the only major college prospect at Lincoln this coming season. He's coming off a very productive junior season and will soon be a three-year starter at Lincoln, which is never easy. As a junior, he was around the ball often and while he isn't the biggest or fastest kid around, he'll make a lot of plays.

Andrew Trowbridge, 6-0, 205, Daytona Beach (Warner Christian) -- A small school product, Trowbridge dominated the 1A competition as a junior. He finished the season with over 120 tackles while playing linebacker and even ran for over 1,000 yards on offense. He looked like a man on a mission out on the field last season. A high academic kid, Trowbridge brings a lot of ability to the position. He runs very well for his size and can change directions quickly. It'll be interesting to see how he'll be able to make the transition from playing small school competition in high school to playing at a high level college program but he's certainly done everything at the prep level to indicate he'll be able to make the switch.

Recardo Wright, 6-1, 215, Orlando (Dr. Phillips) -- The school's top prospect since Ryan Moore, Wright is coming off a strong junior season as a defensive end. While he was overshadowed by teammate Neal Jones (signed with Indiana), Wright put up an impressive season. He is being moved to linebacker as a senior. Wright, who competes in track and field, brings a tremendous amount of speed to the table and if he can make the successful transition to playing in space, he'll likely become one of the state's top linebacker prospects this spring.

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