Dawid Eyeing UM

The University of Miami has a long history of California quarterbacks with Ken Dorsey leading the charge. If Canyon Springs High School quarterback Isaac Dawid has his way, he'll more than likely be sporting the green, orange and white in 2007.

The sophomore lists UM among his top choices even though he's currently two years from decision making time.

"I always dreamed of going to Miami for sure," Dawid said. "I like Cal, but Miami is like whoa. I really like Miami. I'd really like to visit when that time comes and if it doesn't come out of my pocket in order to visit, put me at Miami."

Dawid's junior year will surely be a key as to whether UM offers him, as he has not played quarterback for his varsity football team yet.

Being an underclassmen, he was behind a senior quarterback who had been in the team's system for a couple of years and the coach gave that QB the opportunity ahead of Dawid.

Dawid, although yearning to be a quarterback, was the consummate team player starting at safety and also getting time at wide receiver and tight end.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound sophomore has plans to go with his team to different camps this summer while he takes over the quarterback position going into his junior season.

"I am definitely a quarterback and am the starting quarterback next year," Dawid said. "We got screwed out of the playoffs last year and I really want to lead my team to the playoffs next year."

Dawid has good speed for a quarterback and only stands to get faster as he's been clocked at 4.8 in the 40 and has a bench max of 210 while squatting 325.

Growing up in an area that didn't have a hometown football team, Dawid has been a St. Louis Rams fan for much of his life and was a big Kurt Warner fan while the Rams were dominating the NFL.

He also names Joe Montana and Peyton Manning as quarterbacks that he would love to pattern his game after.

"I have always had them as my idols," Dawid said.

Other than Miami, he lists California, Oklahoma, Florida and Iowa as schools he's interested in.

Iowa has one advantage over the ‘Canes in that the Hawkeyes have some corn fed linemen as Dawid called them.

"They've got some big corn fed boys," Dawid said. "I'd love to be a quarterback behind linemen like that, one that has a good running game that allows the pass to open up."

For the time being though, Dawid is concentrating on the spring, summer and next season.

"We were 7-3 last year and didn't make the playoffs some how," Dawid said. "A team with less power points than us made the playoffs, so we basically got screwed. We won't let that happen next year."

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