Signing Day 2002

Oral commitments are not binding. Tomorrow recruits can make it "official" as to where they plan to attend college. Miami has loaded up at various positions like never before. Could there be one surprise left out there for us? We'll break down what we expect to happen tomorrow.

Recruiting is about filling needs. Miami has put together a class that accomplishes this about as thorough as possible. Here is what we expect on signing day tomorrow.

Marc Guillon
Brock Berlin (already enrolled)

J.R. Mounts (already enrolled)

Talib Humphrey (already enrolled)

Akieem Jolla
Ryan Moore
Sinorice Moss
Darnell Jenkins

Curtus Justus
Eric Winston

Max Jean-Gilles
Alex Pou
Anthony Wollschlager

Kareem Brown
Baraka Atkins
Antonio Reynolds
Alton Wright

Nate Harris

Devin Hester
Glenn Sharpe
Terell Walden
Brandon Merriweather
Greg Threatt
Travarous Bain

Jon Peattie

So how does this shape up against the competition? Miami fared very well this year and locked up a lot of kids early they wanted. You haven't heard a lot of news regarding recruiting out of Miami for the past two weeks because of it.

The two recruits with projected grade issues are Glenn Sharpe and Nate Harris. They are capable of becoming qualified but it will take some work. All others should be fine.

Overall the class will be Miami's best ever on paper. No one ever really knows until the kids leave but with the track record of our coaching staff at evaluating talent we should be fine.

You could argue that we brought in the top QB, WR, TE and DB classes in the country. Ranking incoming players is very subjective but our's stacks up favorably with other classes out there at those positions.

Surprises? The only surprise that may be in store is if Max Jean-Gilles opts for Georgia we may take Terrell McGill who is an OL teammate of Kareem Brown. This is not likely but is a possibility. From recent interviews it sounds as if Brandon Snow will choose Penn State or Tennessee and Broderick Bunkley will sign with Florida State. Outside of that, the only player we are waiting on might be John Wood (DL).

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