James Bryant Q&A

James Bryant is 6-foot-3, weighs 245 pounds, and is ready for spring practices that begin tomorrow. Bryant from Reading, Pa. will be a sophomore in 2005 at a new position. Last year he played primarily on special teams as a reserve linebacker, but has been moved to fullback for the spring.

How would you describe your freshman season last year?

It was good overall. I got to play in the opener against Florida State and it went pretty well. I made a tackle and some blocks on special teams. Overall, the season was a good learning experience for me.

Who are some guys on the team that you have developed a good relationship with?

A variety of people. I was closest to the guys that were from up east like Orien Harris and Leon Williams. They were two big guys that helped me in my adjustment. Also, Jon Beason has been good too. Leon and Orien talked to me about being way from home and about communicating to them about having family back home.

You had a very emotional press conference when you chose to attend Miami in February 2004, how has your family adapted to you being here?

I just received a copy of it the other day. I am glad I chose to come here. It was better for me, but it was tough for my family. It was a big deal for my family. I talk to my brother a lot who plays at Pittsburgh, either every day or every other day. Actually when we had a bye week and I got a chance to go up there and see him play against Temple. I might be a Hurricane, but I am a Pitt fan when I watch him play.

Has your family been to many games?

My family went to the Virginia game, and will go to Temple this year—I think it will be different for people from home. I think they will be surprised because I was a highly rated linebacker out of high school and now I am on offense.

Speaking of offense, can you talk about the move from linebacker to fullback?

I looked at it like it surprised for me for a bit. It is kind of weird at first, but I had to realize that it is not a punishment, but a compliment. I was surprised, but I am glad. I am going to do whatever it takes to help the team win a championship.

You ran the ball quite a bit in high school; do you remember your stats?

I ran about 984 yards my junior year and around 990 my senior year.

Is there a big difference between making a tackle and getting a long run?

There is not a big difference. When you get out in the open as a running back you have to finish the play just like if you are a linebacker trying to make a tackle.

Quadtrine Hill will be a senior this season at fullback, has he helped you with the transition?

Quad has helped me a lot. The key for me this spring is just to listen and do everything full speed.

What are your thoughts on the offensive side of the ball this year?

I am real excited with what's coming back. Frank Gore and Roscoe Parrish left early and they had great careers here. They had to do what was best for them. We have a young team coming back and I am excited about our team.

Who are some guys you are looking forward to seeing in 2005 that did not have big roles last year?

I think Tyrone Moss is going to have a large role on offense. The last two years he has played behind people and now he is in the spotlight. We have two real good defensive backs that can play Rashaun Jones and Carlos Armour. Eric Moncur, Joe Joseph, and Rhyan Anderson are young players that add a great aspect to our defense. Also I think Calais Campbell is going to be a good player for us.

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