Moore Looks to Improve

Ryan Moore is a junior wide receiver from Orlando and is competiting for his starting position back. He led the team in receiving as a freshman in 2003, but only played in six games last year while dealing with a foot injury.

Ryan Moore caught 44 passes for 627 yards and three touchdowns in 2003. In 2004 he caught nine passes for 85 yards and two touchdowns.

Although he had a rough season he finished strong scoring two touchdowns in the last three games including a 20-yard touchdown reception in the Peach Bowl victory over Florida.

Moore was excited to start spring practices although his preparation for the 2005 season began immediately after the bowl game.

"Today was the first day of actual practice, but I started working towards this right after the last game," Moore said. "Today I felt very comfortable out here because I have already started working towards this."

At 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds, Moore has moved inside to the split end position.

"With Roscoe leaving they needed a guy inside," Moore said. "Since I know all of the positions they moved me inside."

In the spring Moore wants to improve on particular areas of his game.

"I always want to improve on my route-running abilities and knowing the game," Moore said. "I also want to know the offense even better--that is pretty much my goal this spring."

At wide receiver the Hurricanes return six players.

2004 Stats
Sinorice Moss     20 receptions 351 yards 3 TD
Lance Leggett     17 receptions 349 yards 4 TD
Darnell Jenkins   21 receptions 230 yards 1 TD
Akieem Jolla      15 receptions 123 yards 1 TD
Ryan Moore         9 receptions  85 yards 2 TD
Khalil Jones       redshirted
"With Roscoe Parrish gone we lost a little bit of speed," Moore said. "But we still have Sinorice Moss and Darnell Jenkins. Lance Leggett, Khalil Jones, and myself are trying to be the physical guys."

Moore noticed the two quarterbacks Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman ,who are competiting for the starting position, were excited on the first day of practices.

"They threw the ball well today," Moore said. "They had a lot of strength on their throws--I think they were pretty excited today."

Does one quarterback have an edge over the other in velocity?

"Kyle has a little bit more velocity on this throws, but they pretty much throw the same," Moore said.

One player who Moore goes up against in practice at times is Marcus Maxey. In the first day of spring practices Maxey was on the first team and recorded an interception while guarding Moore.

"During our off-season workouts Marcus has been looking real good," Moore said. "He is a little bit more patient now and you can tell he is more seasoned at the corner spot. He is more comfortable there."

Maxey is a 6-foot-3, 198-pound cornerback which gives Moore a different look than most corners who are generally smaller.

"I don't really go by their size," Moore said. "I go by their feet. It is all about their footwork."

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