Leggett Solid in the Spring

Lance Leggett, a 6-foot-4 wide receiver, enjoyed a successful freshman season in 2004 with 17 receptions for 349 yards and four touchdowns. In the spring Leggett has caught a number of passes while showing off his speed.

Spring practices began on Tuesday and things didn't go very well for Lance Leggett.

"The first day of practices didn't go very well for me personally," Leggett said. "I had a lot of drops and wasn't focusing on the ball very well. I was trying to run before I caught the ball. Now I feel a lot more comfortable."

Quarterback Kyle Wright recalls a conversation he had with Leggett in the locker room following practice.

"I was talking to Lance in the locker room after the first day of practice and he was pretty disappointed because he had several drops," Wright said. "He really wanted to come back the next day and have a good day--and he did. He has made some great catches this week."

Leggett bounced back on Wednesday with two real nice deep catches on a cold, rainy day. A number of players had a hard time hanging onto the ball, but Leggett maintained his focus in the tough conditions.

Today was the first day of pads and Lance made a number of catches. He made a nice catch while running a deep out pattern on a pass from Kirby Freeman. He had two defenders on him, but calmly jumped up to make the catch along the sideline.

"Today the offense got off to a good start," Leggett said. "Yesterday we didn't do very well and we wanted to come out here better than the day before."

Leggett enjoys the days in which the team practices in pads--something they wont do again until March 23 as the team takes time off for spring break.

"I like being in the pads because there is a lot more contact," Leggett said.

Leggett played the 2004 season at 174 pounds, but has been adding weight in the off-season. Currently he stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 186 pounds.

"Basically Andreu Swasey just told me to keep working hard and eating," Leggett said.

Gaining weight and getting stronger has helped Leggett off of the line.

"I feel a lot stronger coming off of the jams," Leggett said.

A lot has changed for Leggett since arriving on campus in August. He has seen his comfort level change with the team and his abilities. His abilities have allowed him to move around at the various wide receiver positions whether it is the X, Y, or Z spots.

"I feel real comfortable now because I don't have to play just one position--I can move around," Leggett said.

Spring practices give players a chance to work on certain aspects of their game, but Leggett didn't single out one particular part of his game he would like to improve on. Instead he wants to improve on "everything".

Leggett is very confident in the wide reciever unit which returns six players and added Terrell Walden--a converted cornerback.

"I think our receivers are going to be better than we were last year," Leggett said. "We lost Roscoe Parrish, but I think everyone coming back will step up and make big plays."

Wide receiver Ryan Moore has been playing on the first unit along with Leggett in the first three days of practice. Moore led the team in recieving in 2003 as a freshman with 627 yards and although he is two years older than Leggett, he has stated that he picks up on things Lance does on the field. Leggett also learns by watching Moore.

"Ryan is so hard to stop because he can move inside in the slot or play outside," Leggett said. "Wherever he is, there are mismatches all over the field."

"I watch Ryan all of the time," Leggett said. "I like watching how he looks the ball in. That is something that I try to work on."

Wright enjoys throwing to the bigger targets.

"You know what, it is nice having a couple guys, 6-3, 6-4," Wright said. "It especially helps when they are running over the middle. It makes a big difference."

He also wanted to make sure to include the smaller receivers as well.

"Don't get me wrong, I like throwing to those short, speedy guys too that can make a couple moves," Wright added.

Christopher Stock is a Senior Writer & Assistant Editor for CanesTime and can be contacted by emailing him at stock@canestime.com

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