Olsen Recovering From Wrist Injury

After injuring his wrist in the middle of the 2004 season, sophomore tight end Greg Olsen is still not fully recovered. However, the nagging injury has not kept Olsen off the field for spring football.

With a cast that covers his left forearm and extends to his thumb, Olsen still shows an incredible ability to catch the ball this spring. Because of his wrist, Olsen has not been able to fully participate with the team the last few months.

"The wrist is good. [The doctors] say it is almost completely healed now," Olsen said.

Olsen is not certain when the cast will come off. He jokingly says, "Hopefully tomorrow" but he does not have a set date.

"The doctors say it is probably the worst bone that you can break in your entire body. It is a very small bone in your wrist that is very important and has a very slow healing rate. They told me from the beginning that we would be lucky if it would heal without another surgery, so we have been lucky on that aspect."

With the tedious injury, Olsen has not been able to take part in all of the off-season weightlifting. He is able to do all the lower-body exercises and lift dumbbells with his right arm, but he cannot put any stress on his left arm—eliminating a lot of workouts.

"I have not been able to lift with my left arm basically since October," Olsen said. "It has been rough. It has been five months now that I have not been able to use my left hand."

This spring Olsen would like to improve his technique in run-blocking and route running. On offense, he likes what he sees from wide receiver Ryan Moore. Olsen also thinks the young offensive line can be better.

"Once we get the pieces put together, I think the offensive line is going to be very good," Olsen said.

What impresses Olsen the most so far in the spring has been the play of the defense. During most of the spring drills, the deep and talented defense has won the head-to-head match-ups with the offense.

"Our defense is going to be unbelievable this year," Olsen said. "We return almost everybody. They are going to be a hell of a squad once they get everybody situated. Everybody out there is talented.

"The offense is always a little behind the defense when it comes to spring practice. Once the offensive line gets used to playing with one another, and start breaking up things, I think we will be fine."

Olsen currently weighs at "about 250" pounds. His goal during the summer is to increase a little to 255 pounds. "After a good summer with Swassey and the weightlifting I can get it up," he says.

Though it is still early in his career, Olsen has showed flashes of being the next great tight end at Miami. As a freshman last season, he averaged 17.2 yards-per-catch on 16 receptions.

Most importantly this spring, Olsen has kept a positive outlook. The talented tight end can work on all the drills he wants, but most importantly—Olsen needs to get healthy as soon as possible.

"So far as a team, I think things are going pretty well. We are just trying to step in and get everyone situated at their position. I have not been able to do very much, so I have been slowed up a little bit, but I think with the team and the tight-ends, things are going good."

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