Kareem Brown Q&A

Junior defensive tackle Kareem Brown is competing for playing time at defensive tackle this spring. Brown recently shared how the spring practices are going thus far.

How is spring practice going?

It is going well, I feel we are making progress as a defense. I feel we are coming together. It is a bout time, because all of us are going to be juniors and seniors. It's time for everybody to step up, no more excuses and it's time to win a championship.

What is your goal for the spring?

Consistency. I feel like I can be dominant for the most part, but then there is a couple of plays where I'm not myself. I want to get to the point where I am playing fundamental, hard football every play.

How is the first unit defense looking?

We look pretty good. If we continue on the path that we are on, we are going to be pretty good.

How close are you with the rest of the defensive line?

Me, Baraka Atkins, Bryan Pata, and Orien Harris are probably the closest. We try to take the young guys under our wing. We go out to eat a lot, we'll hang out at each others houses. We play a lot of video games. We do a lot of things outside of football. This last spring break I was with Pata a lot of the time. We have a good camaraderie.

Who has impressed you on offense and defense so far?

Derrick Morse. He is playing pretty well on the offensive line. Defensively I would have to say Willie Williams and Baraka Atkins. Baraka has made the transition to tackle, hasn't complained and he does his responsibility every play. Willie is not too familiar with the system, but he plays hard every play and he is going to get after it.

What player do you think will have a big impact next season that did not play much last season?

Teraz McCray. He played a little bit last year and got his feet wet, but this year coming up I think he will have a good year.

What is your goal for the summer?

This summer I just want to get stronger and work on that weight.

What is your current weight?

I'm about 301 pounds

What weight do you want to be at for the season?

I am probably going to drop to about 290 pounds. I gained so much weight when I got here, I came in at about 245 and I gained the weight to play tackle. I just want to get back to my natural agility and speed. I kind of lost some of that by gaining all the weight.

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