Andrew Bain is in Great Shape

Andrew Bain is one of four Hurricanes from Pompano Beach Ely who signed in 2003. Bain will be a sophomore this fall and is looking to contribute on the offensive line wherever he is needed.

It has been a common topic this spring with the offensive linemen losing weight. Andrew Bain is another guy that has done an outstanding job of losing weight that not only helps him with football, but also is health.

Currently Bain stands 6-foot-3 and 310 pounds. When he reported as a freshman in the fall of 2003 he came in at 367 pounds. Losing 57 pounds in less than two years is phenomenal.

"I dropped that weight by working with Swasey," Bain said. "When you compete with Swasey you are going to be in good condition."

Bain would like to be down to 300 pounds, but is not forcing the issue. He is comfortable with where he is now althought it "wouldn't hurt to lose a couple more pounds."

"I am still a big guy so I wouldn't be losing much," Bain said.

Bain's roommate and former high school teammate, Cyrim Wimbs, also has lost a lot of weight since arriving on campus. Wimbs came in a 6-foot-5 and 365 pounds, but is down around 325 pounds.

Bain and Wimbs are two members of the second unit this spring competing for top spots. The current offensive line units has been as follows:
1st Team            2nd Team
LT Tyrone Byrd      LT Chris Rutledge
LG Tyler McMeans    LG Andrew Bain
C  Alex Pou         C  Anthony Wollschlager
RG Derrick Morse    RG Jonathan St. Pierre
RT Rashad Butler    RT Cyrim Wimbs
"As a whole, we are doing fine," Bain said. "We have a couple injuries right now, but it does not matter to us. We have plenty of athletes that can play. It gives a lot of experience to some of the young guys like myself to play against our defense is a tough test for us."

The team has completed seven spring practices and has eight remaining before they take off for the summer before returning in August.

"It has been great having the pads back on this spring," Bain said. "We ended the season on a high note in the bowl game and we are just trying to get back into the swing of things."

Practices have been enjoyable for Bain who is doing what he has to do to improve.

"I feel comfortable out here at practice," Bain said. "We have to get better every day no matter who you are--whether you are an All-American or a young guy like me. You have to get better every day. It is a grind and you have to keep improving yourself."

Bain is in competition for a spot at guard with Morse, McMeans, and Tella. All three players started last year, but Bain is doing his best to push them for playing time.

"We are pretty stacked at the guard position," Bain said. "We are all competing and having fun. As long as we have the best front five that is all that matters."

Offensive line coach Art Kehoe has stressed throughout his tenure at Miami that he wants the best five guys on the offensive line regardless of positions. This year is no different. Kehoe has stated that he would be willing to move Bain to center if they needed help at that position. Bain feels comfortable with that decision if it were to happen.

"I would feel comfortable at center," Bain said. "I just want to play. It would be different responsibilities with the ball in your hand, but other than that there is not much difference."

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