Looking Back: Terrell Walden Interview (June 14)

Lets take a look back to last summer when I conducted my first interview with one of Miami's newest defensive backs - Edison's Terrell Walden.

Interview: Terrell Walden
By: Mike Bakas
Date: June 14, 2001

The first thing a lot of people are going to say when I mention Edison's Terrell Walden are a) what about Nate Harris? and b) he's only 155 pounds!

My response to them? I don't care.

Walden, at 5-foot-11 (every bit of that) and 155 pounds, is one of the three best cornerback prospects I have seen in the entire state. People can talk all they want about Harris, but Walden is the best football player on Edison's field. It's hard to tell that because of all the recruiting attention Harris gets and how little Walden gets (it stems from Coach Bell's constant hyping of Harris and not Walden). But it's the truth.

Samari Rolle and Duane Starks, both of whom starred at Miami Beach, are now making a living shutting down NFL wide receivers. Rolle was 145 during the summer before his senior season. Starks was 150 at the most. Walden has that type of talent.

What is your current GPA: 2.3 core and 2.1 overall.

What is your current test score: I am still waiting for the results. I took it last month.

Describe your style of play: I am like Deion, I can do it all. Play both sides of the ball and still dominate.

Who called in May: I missed a lot of calls, but I also talked to a lot of coaches on the phone. Florida State, LSU, Michigan State, Auburn, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, N.C. State, West Virginia, Notre Dame, and a few others.

Which schools have offered scholarships: I have a few of them, but people don't know about me. Everyone comes to look at Nate, and they are missing out. Michigan State, Auburn, LSU, and Rutgers have offered so far.

Walden is a great kid, he's confident, and knows he's one of the best. He wonders why nobody seems to think so.

Note that Miami did not call him. I asked him about three times if he's sure they didn't call. But that doesn't matter to me. Terrell Walden is good enough to play football at the University of Miami. Only Glenn Sharpe and Devin Hester are in his league. Travarious Bain's not. Walner Belleus is not. Cavari Dailey is not. Cardan Alexander is not. The list goes on and on.

Walden was outstanding in his spring jamboree against Ely. He finished with 7 tackles, one interception, and had a 50-yard touchdown reception. He told me to watch him and he will lead the county in receiving yards on offense and interceptions on defense. If given the chance, I have no doubts that he will.

Last year, nobody talked about Roscoe Parrish until late January. I watched him all year and felt he was a big time player who would sign with UM. Not many people believed me until it happened. The same goes for Walden. Nobody will believe me until it happens.

So while he's only 155 pounds, while he hasn't passed the SAT/ACT (he has passed the HSCT), while he gets overshadowed for recruiting attention by a teammate who is not in his league in talent level, Walden will still get to pick where he plays college football, remember I said it. His 4.33 speed on grass at the NIKE Camp was the best the Camp's had in two years. Walden is a runner, not a lifter. He'll be the first to admit that. He's a kid who once he gets to college, he'll gain 12-15 pounds within a year and will get even faster. He's a big time kid who keeps climbing the charts and while he's a Top 12 kid overall right now, I won't be surprised if he ends up being a Top 6 kid overall by December. Remember the name because I predict he ends up at Miami, even though they did not call him in May.

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