Wollschlager Q&A

Junior Anthony Wollschlager is competing for the starting center position. Wollschlager played in six games as a reserve at center last season. He shared his thoughts on how his spring is coming along.

How is spring practice going?

It is going all right. Just getting back in the groove, I am a little rusty at first, but it is like riding a bike.

How is it doing now?

It is doing good, I am out there competing, it is just sore.

What exactly happened to it?

It is kind of like tendonitis in the foot. I just hit it the wrong way and it has been with me in my big toe ever since. I am trying to rehab it a little bit and ice it down, just trying to calm it down.

It was your right foot?


What is your weight now?

285 pounds

Is that what you want to be for the season?


What do you want to improve during the spring?

My overall technique, run blocking and pass blocking.

Which do you need to improve more, run blocking or pass blocking?

Both equally, stepping off the ball in run blocking and getting my head up in pass blocking.

A lot of the O-line has slimmed down this off-season. Is that just Coach Kehoe's theory?

He is more in the theory of being leaner and faster and I think he is absolutely right. Being leaner and faster, you can move around a lot better and it prevents injuries. He wants his linemen at around 290. When you are leaner, it makes you more flexible and better at your technique.

How has the D-line looked so far?

They are all good really. Orien was doing great along with Baraka and Moncur. Kareem Brown is doing very well. He is a real hard worker. They are all awesome though. They are all had workers and they all bust their butts.

How did last year's experience help you?

Last year I got to see a bunch of games and got to play in a lot of games. I saw a bunch of fronts and learned a lot being behind Joel. Even though I did not start or play a lot, I feel lucky to have seen everything I did and get the experience I did.

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