Sinorice Moss Ready to Lead

Sinorice Moss is ready to be one of the leaders on the team in 2005. In his career Moss, now a senior, has 31 career catches for 492 yards and three touchdowns. He was bothered by a minor injury this spring, but is back on the practice field making plays.

Sinorice Moss is a 5-foot-8, 185-pound wide receiver from Carol City High School in Miami. He has been a steady performer for the Hurricanes throughout his career and is looking forward to big things in 2005.

Moss had a minor quadricep injury earlier this spring, but is back on the field participating in all drills.

"It feels real good getting back into things," Moss said. "I missed the beginning of spring practice, but I feel good. I am back to my normal self again."

During team drills Moss has used his speed to make plays. Earlier this week he darted through the defense on a short pass. Making plays is something he wants to continue to do to help the team.

"I am trying to make plays for the team," Moss said. "I just want to do what I can to help this team win football games."

He believes by returning from injury and working hard younger players will look at him as someone they want to emulate.

"By me coming back from injury and making plays for this team the younger guys will see that and keep working harder to make plays also," Moss said.

Moss is ready to be one of the leaders on this team in 2005. He has already displayed leadership skills throughout his career, but can take it to another level this season. Many of the players on the team are leaders by example, but Moss is a guy that has the ability to say the right things when needed. It is a role he is willing to take on.

"I feel like I am taking on that role a little bit more," Moss said. "I feel like I have to come out here and dominate. I want to show these younger guys to keep working harder, do the things that you have to do, have them understand and learn the game of football."

Moss is one of five receivers returning who saw action a year ago. Ryan Moore, Akieem Jolla, and Moss all came in prior to the 2002 season. They have combined for 105 catches and 10 touchdowns in their career.

Darnell Jenkins, Lance Leggett, Khalil Jones, and Terrell Walden round out the wide receiver unit.

"We are growing every day," Moss said. "A lot of us have been together since day one. We are also trying to bring in the newcomers by teaching them the plays. You never know when they might have to go in there and play. If everyone just plays with a positive attitude the receiving corps will be fine."

Moss is making plays on the field and he is very comfortable with knowledge of the game.

"I am feeling very comfortable out there," Moss said. "I know all of my plays and I know what I should and shouldn't do in the offense.

Although he is comfortable, he knows he has to keep on working in practice.

"I am in a tremendous comfort zone," Moss said. "But I don't want to be too comfortable if I want to stay on top. If you get too comfortable things could fall off for you."

The team does not practice today, but will resume tomorrow at 3 pm for the first of three straight days of practice.

"I have to keep coming out to practice with an edge and continue to work hard every day. There are plenty of ways to learn how to position myself to catch the ball better. There is always room to learn.

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