Tyrone Moss Showing Patience

Tyrone Moss has rushed for 956 yards and 11 touchdowns with a 4.6 yards per carry in his two-year career with the Hurricanes as a back-up. In 2005 he looks to carry the load as the starting running back. If healthy, he has the ability to rush for over 1,000 yards this year--something that has only been done seven times at Miami.

Tyrone Moss had off-season shoulder surgery and is not participating in contact drills during spring practice.

Watching his teammates from the sidelines practice in full contact drills has been tough for Moss.

"It is a little frustrating watching everybody else out there practicing," Moss said. "But overall it is going good. I just have to wait and be patient."

Moss along with Andrew Johnson, who is recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in December, have not been practicing.

This leaves Charlie Jones as the first-team tailback, Derron Thomas on the second-team, and George Timmons at third-string. All three players signed with Miami in 2004.

"They look good," Moss said. "They still have a lot to learn, but all of them are doing real good."

Jones has been steady, but Thomas has been outstanding. Timmons had a breakout performance during the mid-spring scrimmage at Traz Powell with the biggest play of the spring.

"All three of those guys are going to be great," Moss said.

Moss is able to participate in drills against "air" and is working on a lot of little things with his game. He has always been known as a running back with great vision and good instincts, but like many young backs he has struggled with his pass protection skills.

"I am just trying to work on all aspects of my game," Moss said. "There is room to always get better."

Last season Moss played at over 230 pounds, which is more than he wanted to be at. This spring he made it a point to lose weight and be in better shape--a common goal for many Hurricanes this spring.

"I am at 218 pounds right now and I am trying to get in between 210-215," Moss said. "Hopefully I will get there by the time the season starts."

Running backs coach Don Soldinger has been tough on Moss throughout his career in order to get the most out of Moss and his abilities. Soldinder had a target weight for Moss to get down to.

"I am at where I want to be," Moss said. "Coach Soldinger told me to get down to 218 pounds, but I still want to get down a little bit lower than that."

The 2005 season begins on September 6 against Florida State. Moss, who grew up a Florida State fan, has struggled against the Seminoles rushing 23 times for 38 yards and one touchdown in three games. He is ready to prove that he can have a big game against the in-state rivals.

Altough the season does not begin for five months Moss is ready to reach his ultimate goal.

"I want to have a great year and win a national championship," Moss concluded.

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