Meet Jonathan St. Pierre

Jonathan St. Pierre is an offensive lineman from Longeueil, Quebec. He is the lone Canadian on the team and is adjusting well to life as a Hurricane. Currently he is competing for playing time at the guard position.

Jonathan St. Pierre is a red shirt freshman participating in his second spring practice session with the Hurricanes. He hails from Longeueuil, Quebec where he attended Edouard Monpetit High School. Longeueil is in the "Montreal area"--nearly 1,400 miles from Miami.

St. Pierre is enjoying his time as a Hurricane.

"I love it, I'm having fun," he said after Tuesday's practice.

St. Pierre says he is adjusting nicely since enrolling last spring, but he isn't where he wants to be physically. Offensive line coach Art Kehoe told St. Pierre he needed to lose weight when he first evaluated the young talent.

"I want to get down around 300 pounds," he said. "Right now I'm about 318 and coach says I need to cut down, but I've already started so I'm on the right track."

St. Pierre was attracted to Miami because of their football tradition as well as their tradition of breeding Canadian linemen. Pierre noted many, but specifically focused on center Brett Romberg who started at center for the 2001 National Championship Miami team.

"Coach Kehoe is intense, but he knows how to get the best out of you," St. Pierre said. "He is always correcting technique, get your head back, straighten up, but it's good."

Kehoe has the ability to turn this premier high school guard into a standout lineman before he is done at Miami. St. Pierre was a member of Team Canada the last two years, which is the equivalent of an entire country-wide all-star team.

Pierre as a solid frame, standing at 6-foot-3 and provides strong hands along with great technique. Right now, the Hurricanes are trying St. Pierre at guard, although his size allowed him to play both tackle and guard in high school.

St. Pierre says he is getting along great with teammates, especially the guys on the offensive line. St. Pierre says he is probably closest with senior Rashad Butler.

"He's a leader and a good guy," St. Pierre said. "Whenever I have any questions or need anything, I always go to Rashad."

St. Pierre has tremendous upside for such a young player at Miami. He has attended some of the best prep athletic programs in Canada, which has given him a head start as far as honing his fundamentals. Various players have commented on St. Pierre's feisty persona and enthusiasm. He should develop nicely and be fun to watch in the upcoming seasons.

Currently St. Pierre is the second-team right guard behind Derrick Morse. St. Pierre possess good run blocking skills and has shown tenacity during practice since arriving on campus. He is adjusting well and wants to be ready when the team needs him.

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