Nanton Working on Consistency

Javon Nanton is a senior defensive end from Miami Springs. He has 11 sacks in his career and 21 quarterback hurries. This spring he is working on his consistency.

At this time last year, defensive end Javon Nanton was adding 20 pounds to his frame—from 220-240 pounds.

"That was my goal last year because I was a small defensive end," Nanton said. "I wanted to help my team more and be more than a pass rusher. In order to do that, I had to put on the weight. I wanted to play the run and the pass."

"I would not say that I had a bad season, but it was not like the season that I had before last," Nanton said. "That season is over with and done and right now I am trying to focus on the spring."

This season Nanton is pleased with his weight. Now, he is trying to become a consistent player.

This spring Nanton wants to return to his 2003 form, in which he led the team with eight sacks. With the added weight in 2004, Nanton's sack total dropped to three.

"Mainly this spring I just want to get more consistent," Nanton said. "I want to work on my pass rush again and be able to stop the run better. Try and make plays for my teammates this year.

"I want to get back my first step and get my explosion back," Nanton said. "I want to get to the quarterback again and help my team win. I am not going to gain any weight. I feel good where I am at. I might even get a little leaner."

This spring Nanton likes what he sees from all of his teammates.

"Everybody is doing well," Nanton said. "The first, second, and third team is taking it one day at a time and looking good."

Nanton is an upperclassman of one of the deepest units on the team—defensive end. He says the depth at DE is especially apparent with the young players.

"All of them look good to tell you the truth," Nanton said "I remember where I was in my first spring and they are way more steps ahead than I was. They are learning fast."

Though the offensive line is young and dinged up now, Nanton sees potential.

"The o-line is doing well," Nanton said. "With all the injuries they have, they have to hold it down. They are working hard at it, trying to earn spots and make the team better."

In his final season as a Hurricane, Javon Nanton will look to put together his most complete and well rounded season. His focus is greater than it has ever been and he is ready to get back to his 2003 form.

"Spring practice is going real good. I finally have an edge on my responsibility and I am just trying to get better one day at a time."

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