Zellner Learning TE Position

This spring Chris Zellner joined a number of players who changed their position. Zellner is one of four players switching from offense to defense for the Hurricanes. Zellner, a redshirt freshman from Sarasota Booker High School, is making changing from defensive end to tight end.

The tight end position is not totally foreign to Zellner, he played it in high school. Coming out of high school, he was rated the number three tight end in the nation by SuperPrep.

"It is hard to learn the offense, but once you got it, you got it," Zellner said. "It is pretty rough, after taking a year off I am getting back into it."

Zellner says the switch from defense to offense is obvious, saying "There are more plays. On defense you either contain, or you have a gap stunt. On offense you have to worry about everybody, but I am going to get it down."

After taking a year off from playing tight end, Zellner wants to improve is catching and blocking technique. Luckily, tight ends Greg Olsen and Buck Ortega are helping Zellner adjust.

"Greg and Buck are teaching me a lot," Zellner said. "It is amazing, every time after a play they tell me if I did something wrong or if I did something right. They are like brothers and coaches all in one."

Zellner currently weighs at about 228 pounds. He says that he wants to get to about 245 pounds by the beginning of next season.

This spring Zellner has been impressed by the intensity of the team. He is particularly impressed by the play of newly converted running back George Timmons and defensive end Eric Moncur.

"The player on offense that has surprised me the most is George Timmons, Zeller said. "He is learning and making some cuts out there that are nice. On defense Eric Moncur; I knew he was good, but lately he is really bringing it."

Going up against his old unit on the defense has been fun for Zellner. He currently has a friendly competition with close friend Calais Campbell--a 6-foot-8 defensive end.

Zellner joked, "Calais Cambell and I have a little beef going on right now. He keeps thinking he can beat me, and I have to shut him up. When I get a chance to, in the Oklahoma drill, I am going to shut him up for good."

By next season, the affable Zellner just wants a chance to play.

"I just want to get better. I will spend my whole day here if I have to. I just want to be on that bus to Tallahassee."

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