Andrew Johnson Q&A

If sophomore running back Andrew Johnson had not torn his ACL before the Peach Bowl last season, he would have been battling for the starting running back position. Johnson brings a combination of speed and power on the field that Miami is used to having at running back. Johnson recently spoke about his recovery and when he expects to be back.

How is the recovery going?

Everything is going fine. I am ahead of schedule a little bit, but I just take it day by day.

What are you working on now?

I am just getting stronger. I cannot do anything yet—I can't run. I am getting my upper body stronger.

How frustrating is it to sit on the sidelines now?

Yeah, it is frustrating. I am not able to play football and that is what I love to do. But, everything happens for a reason and you just have got to work with what you got.

How did the injury happen?

My foot just got caught on the ground and I tore it.

When will you be running again?

I will be running by May and I should be ready for summer camp.

You will be 100% in the summer?

That is what they say. They say that in the summer I will be 100%. That is all that I can bank on.

How does the knee feel?

It feels good, but it is still weak. I can lift weights, but I just do not run.

How do the young running backs look?

They look good. Charlie and Derron came out here and are running hard and have good attitudes about everything. They are learning a lot—learning on the go really.

How about George Timmons?

George is coming along. He just switched over so he is still learning the playbook. He can run, he just has to learn the passing scheme and he'll be fine. Learning the playbook on the run like that can be hard.

Talk about their game.

Derron is quick. He is real fast and has real good hands. He is also a good pass blocker. People will be surprised by that because he is smaller. Derron will be real good.

Charlie is real strong. He runs hard and is a good pass blocker. He is still learning his stuff and just getting his feet wet.

What is your assessment of your season in 2004?

Last season went fine. It was an average season. I played a little bit, but I still have a long way to go. I have a long way to go with everything—and with this step back, I have an even longer way to go. But it is only going to make me work harder to get back to where I was.

What was the biggest adjustment last year?

Just learning. I caught on to it, but you have to get the feel for everything. With the speed of the game, getting a feel is pretty hard.

Last year what did Coach Soldinger preach to you?

Paying attention to details. The little things that I did not do right. I had to learn how to watch myself on film the correct way. Things like knowing how the defense looks.

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