Joe Joseph Enjoying 1st Semester

Defensive tackle Joe Joesph was a signee from the 2004 recruiting class. He was a four-year starter at Oak Ridge High School in Orlando. Joseph is an excellent pass rusher and in his senior season, he recorded 68 tackles.

But, before the 2004 season began it was brought to Joseph's attention that he was not eligible to play that season.

"This is the second time being on my own," Joseph said. "I came down here last summer before I knew that I could not come."

Joe Joseph went back to Orlando and worked out with his former coach at Oak Ridge High School.

"I stayed at home and worked out at my high school with my coach," Joseph said. "Nothing really can prepare you for Hurricane football. My legs did not get any stronger, but my arms got a lot stronger. I got up to 340 pounds on my bench press."

This semester is Joseph's first at the University of Miami. He is adjusting well both with football and academics.

"Football has started off slowly, but surely I am getting used to everything like getting used to the reps," Joseph said. "The biggest difference is that college is faster. I am just getting used to it.

"Actually, school is going better than I thought it would be. I have gotten decent grades on all of my tests."

The toughest aspect of UM that Joseph has had to adjust to has been the infamous workouts by strength coach Andreu Swasey.

"I have had a couple of those workouts," Joseph said. "They're hard. The repetition was just back-to-back-to-back. We go from this machine real fast to this machine real fast. It is a crucial workout. Running is everyday. We were doing 24X110 sprints with a 45-second break.

"For like a weak and a half I was sore."

What has been his biggest adjustment on the football field?

"The speed of the game and technique," Joseph said. "In high school I had technique, but not the technique I need. I have a lot of catching up to do."

This defensive line coach Greg Mark is instructing Joseph "to work on staying low and shooting my hands."

Joseph currently weighs 271 pounds. He says he wants to gain 10-15 pounds of muscle for the fall.

At today's practice, Joseph had two opportunities in the Oklahoma drill.

"I did good getting off the ball, but moving my feet to get the running back (James Bryant)—I got to get that down. The second time I was able to knock the running back out of bounds."

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