Kyle Wright Q&A

Kyle Wright is a sophomore from Danville, Calif. competing for the starting quarterback position for the 2005 season. The team has completed 13 of their 15 practices this spring. Practice resumes tomorrow at 3 pm and will conclude Saturday at noon with the spring game at Lockhart Stadium.

How was practice on Wednesday?

I think we got better as an offense. Tuesday was pretty sloppy for us. We still have a lot of refining to do--protection-wise and a couple of other things. Once we get that down we are going to get this thing rolling.

What are some things you have liked about the team during the spring?

Maybe from the outside looking in, especially up front, our guys are a bit rocky. I think a lot of guys have shown improvement. We are really one block away on every play. A lot of people and media don't get to watch film, and even I don't realize it at first, but when we watch it we are right there. If we would have just finished the play would have been great. The wide receivers have been playing well and Khalil Jones has really stepped up lately. A lot of guys have been playing real well. Derron Thomas and James Bryant have been really good too.

What do Sinorice Moss and Ryan Moore bring to the table as top receivers?

Their game is definitely different, but they both bring a lot to the table. The wide receivers look up to those guys and if they see those two come out with a lot of energy in practice they will feed off of that. They are definitely playmakes and we are going to look for them to do a lot this year.

How have you progressed since the beginning of the spring until now?

At the beginning I just wanted to get my timing down. The only way I was going to be able to do that was through constant reps. We have had some trouble up front, but that is about as real-game situation as you are going to get. I think I have become very comfortable with the offense in terms of reads and I think that has been my biggest progression.

What is the toughest part about going up against the first-team defense that returns a number of guys this year?

All of them--the defensive line, linebackers, and defensive backs. The defensive line has been unreal and basically unblockable. They have done exceptionally well.

What are your thoughts on the spring game Saturday at Lockhart Stadium?

I think everyone is looking forward to the last scrimmage of the spring. I think the fans are looking forward to it too because not a lot of them get to come out to practice each day. It is going to feel like a high school championship game at Lockhart with the number of people there. At the Orange Bowl it is kind of spread out. There should be a lot of people there and I think it will be a real good atmosphere.

Practice resumes tomorrow at 3 pm

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