Jon Peattie Q&A

Jon Peattie is entering his third season as the team's kicker. In his career he has made 35-of-50 field goal attempts and has hit all 79 of his extra points. He currently ranks seventh on Miami's all-time field goal list and could move to second by the end of the 2005 season.

How has spring practices been?

It has been going great. We have new snappers and holders this year, so it has been good getting to work a lot with them. They have improved a lot and we have just been working on our timing. Overall it was a great spring.

Who are the snappers battling for the position?

It is up to John Rochford and Jonathan St. Pierre. They are two young guys—St. Pierre is a redshirt freshman and Rochford is a sophomore.

What does a good long snapper have to do?

It is different because the snap and a kick has to be all done in 1.25 seconds, so the timing has to be perfect. The only way you can get good at that is practice. That is what spring is for, so we have to work on getting timing down and getting everything good.

Who is the holder now?

We have Brian Monroe holding for me right now. I had Matt Carter for two years, so it is a little different mixing it up, but I feel pretty confident with Brian.

What are the duties of the holder?

Just getting the timing down. You have to get the ball straight in the air, laces out and that is it. It is a pretty easy job, but it is hard ‘cause you have to get it done so fast.

What did you want to work on this spring?

Just consistency and accuracy. We have a guy that comes out and charts every kick. He keeps track of how many makes and misses we accumulate. I really wanted to work on accuracy. We do four kicks in live practice everyday—so my goal was to make those four everyday. This spring I pretty much did that. I think I missed one out of the four twice this spring. Other than that I have made them all.

Who is the guy that charts your kicks?

He is a student assistant. He comes out and charts kicks, times it with a stopwatch. He keeps all that on the computer.

Are you feeling healthy this spring?

Yeah, definitely. I have been healthy all spring, I feel great and ready for the season to start.

How would you assess your season last year?

It was kind of a down season for me personally. I started of strong against FSU, I had a 54-yard field goal I made, and I actually tore my groin on that kick. That pretty much hindered me for a good half of the season. Then I fell into a slump, so I made a goal of finishing off the season strong and not missing any. I think I went 7-for-7 in my last three or four games. In the middle of the season I got a little inconsistent and that is something I want to work on.

How do you approach the mental aspect of kicking?

Kicking is 90 percent mental. You have to deal with 100,000 fans screaming at you and everyone on TV watching, but you just cannot think about it. You have to go out there and have fun.

How is Brian Monroe looking?

He is looking very good. He had a great spring. Everybody has gotten better, all the backup kickers and punters.

Who will be handling the kickoff duties?

We actually do not really work on that much during the spring. We do not work on kickoffs until August. Everybody is looking to do that. We have Mark Gent, Francesco Zampogna, Brian, and I. We all want to do it and help out. We are all out there competing and getting better.

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