Spring Recap: FB James Bryant

James Bryant switched from linebacker to fullback this spring and showed promise at the new position. Bryant and his teammates concluded spring practices on April 9 and will not return to the practice field until August.

NAME: James Bryant
HOMETOWN: Reading, Pa.
POSITION: Fullback
YEAR: Sophomore

CAREER STATS: 8 tackles

SPRING REVIEW: Bryant was one of four players who switched positions this spring. A converted linebacker, he had a solid spring at fullback. He was very good in run blocking plugging gaps to spring long gains by the tailback. He still has room to grow as a receiver out of the backfield and is still working on his route-running skills. Showed the most fire out of anyone on the team with his constant intensity.

2005 OUTLOOK: Bryant will be the backup fullback to Quadtrine Hill, but will receive a substantial amount of playing time. Miami always likes to rotate their fullbacks in and this year will be no different. Look for Bryant to be a force in the running game and improve as an offensive threat.

SPRING ARTICLE: "James Bryant Q&A"


How has the switch to fullback gone this spring?

The switch to fullback is going pretty good. Everything is going real smooth for me on offense.

Do you like your new position?

I like it. It is the same thing as playing linebacker except you are blocking instead of tackling. You still get to hit somebody, you still get to take somebody's head off and that is what I am looking forward to do all the time.

So you like playing linebacker more?

I still like playing linebacker a little more. It is the hunt. These guys on defense are on the hunt and are doing a hell of a job and I wish I was over there, but I am over on offense doing what I have to do to help my team.

How is the playbook coming along?

I have a certain amount of plays and I know them all. Sometimes I have to make sure that I trim down on my mistakes, but plays-wise the learning process is going pretty good.

What has running backs coach Don Soldinger stressed to you this spring?

Just making sure that I am doing everything full speed, which I have been doing since the beginning of spring. If I make a mistake, make sure I do it full speed.

What has been the toughest adjustment going from defense to offense?

The toughest adjustment is getting the guys on offense to be as excited and motivated as I am when I was on defense. A whole lot more excitement on offense is going to lead to bigger plays.

Why do you play with so much passion and fire?

That is what I do. Some people are not as blessed as I am to be able to play this game. I love to play football and that is why I am here.

How has Quadtrine Hill helped your adjustment to fullback?

He has been helping me out since the beginning of the process. He is going to continue to help me out, he is a great guy. That is what being a senior is all about—helping the young guys.

What did you learn from the 2004 season?

I learned that I have to keep fighting no matter where you are at—offense, defense, in the classroom—you have to keep fighting for what you want. If you fight for what you want, you are eventually going to get it.

What is your goal for the summer?

I just want to learn as much as I can. I think that I have a chance to get moved to single back and if I learn all the double running back plays they are going to move me to single back. Also I want to work on my pass protection and make sure that I can keep my guys free so they can make plays down the field throwing the ball.

What is your current weight?

245 pounds.

Is that what you want to be for the season?

It does not matter if I go up or down. I will still have the power, speed and strength to get the job done.

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