QB Ensminger from Alabama Has Favorites

Steven Ensminger is a quarterback playing for Opelicka High School in Alabama. He is one of the taller, slimmer recruits at 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds.

Steven Ensminger runs a 4.8 40-yard dash, bench-presses 245 pounds, and power cleans 285 pounds. Despite his physical stature, his continued weight training promises weight gain.

"I'm pleased with my bench and getting better," he said.

Last year, Opelicka boasted a 12-1 record, but lost many seniors to college. When Ensminger took the helm, there were only two seniors who started and they were on defense. It didn't stop Ensminger from leading the team to a winning record (6-5) while posting a 64% pass completion percentage. It also taught him some valuable lessons.

"When I started, I had to depend on myself and it helped me become a much better leader," he said. "Because we were so young, we had to rely on each other. We had a better team chemistry so I'm looking forward to next year."

So are the scouts. Ensminger is looking at Auburn, University of Southern California, University of Miami, and University of Georgia. Ensminger says his relationship with the coaching staff, offensive game plan, game management, and playing in a fun offense will dictate his decision when selecting a college.

"I'm looking for a team that passes slightly more with a fun and simple offense. I don't want something where it takes me a couple years just to get the hang of things."

With that in mind, Auburn appears to be the early favorite. Ensminger's father, Steve Sr., is the tight ends coach at Auburn.

"I'm really familiar with the offense they run and know the coaching staff really well, it's a great atmosphere, plus it's really close to where I live," Ensminger said. There are no guarantees yet though according to Ensminger. He was impressed with USC because of their coaching staff and their ability to mix it up.

"I watch them on TV all the time and coach [Pete Carroll] always seems to be having fun." Ensminger said that former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow's decision to leave USC to join the Tennessee Titans doesn't really affect his decision.

"With or without him, it'd still be fun to be a Trojan. They have a lot of god players." When talking about players, Ensminger mentioned that he knew one in particular when it came to Miami.

"Brock Berlin is from around the same area so we've met a couple times and talked," he said. Ensminger noted that Miami had a lot of weapons and a lot of talented receivers to throw to. He also liked the team's work ethic along with the ability to execute their game plan, while at the same time having fun with it.

"It's another school I'd love to be a part of because I feel they could make a much better ball player and I could make them a better team." Finally, UGA is another school where Ensminger has contacts. UGA Quarterbacks coach, Mike Bobo, was recruited by Georgia when Ensminger's dad worked for the Bulldogs before teaming up with Auburn.

Ensminger likes the relationship he has with the coaching staff along with Georgia's knowledge of how to win consistently.

This summer, Ensminger plans on attending Nike Camp in Athens, Ga. along with Auburn's team camp, University of Texas' team camp, University of Florida's team camp, and a few others depending on his summer schedule.

Growing up, Ensminger said his favorite teams to watch were Auburn and Georgia because of his dad's involvement with the team. Currently, his favorite team is the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

"Tom Brady, [Auburn's] Jason Campbell, and [USC's] Matt Leinhart are my favorite players because they are incredibly smart leaders as quarterbacks and they know how to get things done."

Steve Ensminger also throws the javelin for Opelicka's track team.

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