Isaac Dawid Considering 5

Isaac Dawid has played strong safety and receiver this past year, but will start at quarterback for Scotts Valley High School in California this year.

Isaac Dawid is a 6-foot-2, 195-pounder who bench-presses 210 pounds while squatting 300 pounds and power-cleaning 200. When timed in the 40-yard dash, he ran a 4.8, but claims its still pending.

"When I ran it, I had a really bad day and know I can do better. I'll be getting timed again sometime this summer," he said.

At this point, Dawid is considering California, Oklahoma, Miami, Boston College, and Iowa.

Growing up, Dawid was an avid fan of Iowa, which might explain his priorities in a college football program.

"To me, its all about the offensive line. Those are the guys who give you time to make plays. I need a big offensive line and power running game to allow me to be successful. Once that's in place, it opens up a lot of things downfield." Dawid said what impressed him about Cal was their big offensive line and location.

"A place like Cal, the receivers are important, but not everything because their line plays so well," he said. "Same goes for Iowa." Dawid said he is still looking at Boston College, but has watched them for a while and "likes their style of play."

Oklahoma scouts have reportedly been in contact with Dawid, explaining they were looking for replacements for sixth year senior and Heisman Trophy winner Jason White. Dawid said he is impressed with the prestige that surrounds Oklahoma's program and follows the team regularly.

When it came to the University of Miami, Dawid summed up his analysis of the program in three words: "Miami is Miami." Dawid likes the tradition of Miami's offensive line along with the program's prestige and knowledgeable coaching staff.

"They've turned out a lot big name running backs, so they are always a threat with the power running game. They've got a lot of weapons," he said.

Dawid was also impressed with Miami's ability to turn out NFL draft picks.

"You have to consider college as a jumping off point and Miami definitely has a foothold in the NFL, you have to consider all 360 degrees of it when you're picking a school," he said.

In addition to on the field support, Dawid said that a coaching staff and offensive coordinator would play a big role in his decision where to attend college.

"I have to be comfortable and [be able to] relate to a coach and offensive coordinator." As a sophomore, Dawid was the starting varsity strong safety as well as receiver. He did not start at quarterback this year due to a senior, who he claims, "simply had more experience with the offense." Dawid will be the starter next season.

Because of his sophomore status, Dawid will attend Nike Camp next year. He is a 3.6 student who is already preparing for his SAT. Dawid is a big fan of the St. Louis Rams and Iowa College football programs. His favorite players in the NFL currently are Marshall Faulk and Peyton Manning.

"I like Marshall because of the Rams and I like Peyton before the playoffs," he joked. Growing up, Dawid said he idolized Joe Montana for his ability to win at any cost.

Besides playing football, Isaac is also a member of the Scotts Valley basketball team. In his free time, he enjoys playing John Madden Football 2005 on Playstation 2 and watching game film from the football season.

"It's kind of boring to some people, but sports is my main focus in life, so I enjoy it," Dawid said. Something tells us his coaches will enjoy it too.

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