Minor Plans to Visit UM

Brandon Minor might be the best running back prospect in the state of Virginia. However, you wouldn't always gather that by talking to him.

"I'm in a good position right now but I always feel there's room for improvement," Minor said. "I'm trying to work on my speed and just being in better shape overall."

The talented runner, who stands 6-foot-1 and 215 pounds, talked about what makes him different than most other backs his age.

"I have the ability to either run you over and shake you," he said. "A lot of guys have one ability or the other. I feel like I can do both equally well."

Brandon Minor, a full academic qualifier, is coming off a monster junior season in which he ran for 2,091 yards and 32 touchdowns. He started as a safety during his freshman year before switching to running back as a sophomore. Now he's one of the top running back prospects in the entire country.

"My favorites for now are Miami, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina State, and Virginia Tech and they've all offered me a scholarship," he said. "I really like the two schools from Florida right now."

The Richmond (Va.) Varina standout is trying to make plans to check out both porgrams sometime later this summer.

"My goal is to visit both of them at the end of July but I'm still in the process of setting something up," he said. "I really like Coach Gonzalez and Coach Meyer at Florida. With Miami, what is there not to like? I've always kinda liked them but I really got to learn a lot about them through my friend, Bryant McKinnie."

Minor has an interesting connection with McKinnie, the former All-American left tackle for the Hurricanes.

"He went to Junior College and was roommates with my brother," he said. "I've gotten to know him pretty well and he has a lot of good things to say about Miami. I like the program. I like how hard they work. If you can play at Miami, you can play. The fact that so many of their former players come back and work out with the team says a lot about their program."

Michigan and Virginia Tech are right in the thick of things as well. He talked about both programs.

"Michigan's in a running conference and they run the ball a lot and use a lot of big backs," he said. "Tech is a good program and they're close to home. Distance really isn't a factor, though. I'll go to Alaska to play if I have to."

Minor knows he'll likely be one of two incoming running backs if he chooses one of the Florida schools.

"I know both of them (Florida and Miami) plan on bringing in two running backs," he said. "That's OK with me. I've never been afraid of any competition. I'll go in and show people what I got. That's part of what has made those programs so successful over the years. Miami's even had backups make it to the NFL."

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