Interview: WR Roscoe Parrish

There is a buzz surrounding Roscoe Parrish, the red shirt freshman from Miami. In high school he accumulated enough highlight film to last a career. This year he hits the field and he talks about his experience at UM thus far and what his goals are for the upcoming season. He also weighs in on the progress of Brock Berlin at quarterback. Fans have been looking forward to seeing Roscoe on the field and he addresses a variety of questions in this interview.

Experience of 2001 season?
I just tried to learn. I watched a lot of film and spent time with the older players and tried to learn the system as much as I could.

Experience as scout team QB at times help?
Yes. I learned what the defense does by playing quarterback and imitating Eric Crouch in practice. By being the quarterback I see what the defense is doing and now that I am at wide receiver it is helping. I can't see the whole field like I did at quarterback but it has helped me because I know a little bit about what the defensive back is doing.

What is your current height, weight and 40?
5-10 165 and I ran a 4.4 in high school. I haven't run an official 40 in a while.

Goals for spring ball?
Work hard and learn more. I play the H and Z slots (wide receiver always on the tight end side of the ball). I'm just trying to get better.

Have you decided on a major?
No, not yet. I'm taking some general courses and I guess you could say I'm still undecided.

Impressions of UM thus far?
It is different than I expected. Growing up close to here I thought once I was here all of the people from different parts of the world would be more different than they are. Really everyone is the same and not that different. We have a player from Canada (Brett Romberg) and he is not as different as I expected. He is a wild man though (laughing).

Plans for the summer?
I'm going to stick around here and just work on my weight and my speed. I'll do some one-on-ones with some of the defensive backs that are here.

Has coach Swasey helped as far as weight and speed?
Yes, I'm much stronger and faster than I was before I was here. He has helped a lot. He's good!

Talk about Ken Dorsey and Brock Berlin in practice?
They are both very patient and accurate throwers. Berlin has been learning from Dorsey and is getting to know us. He has been looking real good.

Any defensive backs stepping up in spring ball?
They all are really. There isn't one that sticks out more than the others all the time. One will make a play and then someone else will step up and make a play. They have all looked good so far.

Why Miami?
They have a great program and put a lot of people into the NFL. Most of all my mom can rest her head on her pillow at night knowing I'm in good hands and close to home. It is important for her to be able to see me play.

Who are some players you spend time with?
I room with Frank Gore and we have played together since I was eight (Roscoe is one year older than Frank). I am also close friends with Antrel Rolle and we spend a lot of time together.

Thoughts on the football team in your first year?
Everyone here realizes that you have to be together to win championships. Miami is known to have a "family" atmosphere and it is true. This team is close and that is what it takes to win.

Goals in 2002 personally?
I just want to help our offense win.

What players are really sticking out in spring ball?
I don't want to say one player and not another. I'd forget to say someone. Everyone looks real good and I couldn't name just one player and not others.

What was going through your mind watching the title game from the sidelines?
It was very encouraging. I wasn't frustrated at all about not playing. I know what I have to look forward to now if I work hard.

What do you like to do away from football?
When we have an off day I like to go home and play basketball with my younger brothers. One is 14 and one is 10. The 14 likes football but the 10 year old LOVES football. Whenever we have a scrimmage or something he'll be on me "man, what did you do?" My nickname is "man" so they're always saying "man, what did you do?" My 10 year old brother is always out there watching me practice.

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