Farr Expected to Play

DajLeon Farr is a 6-foot-5, 245-pound tight end from North Shore High School in Galena Park, Texas. Farr is one of 15 new freshmen that reported today as the team gets ready for their first practice on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

DajLeon (pronounced DAY-le-on) will wear jersey number 11 for the Hurricanes and is expected to contribute right away at tight end this season.

Farr arrived on campus the first week of June to begin summer classes. A new NCAA rule this year allows incoming freshmen to take two summer classes and allowing them to participate in the off-season workout plan.

"It has been a good experience," Farr said. "I have grown since I have been down here. I had to adjust to a new environment and being on my own. You have to mature fast when you first arrive to college. You have to settle down and realize that someone isn't going to be there to wake you up. When I was at home my mom would wake me up every morning."

DajLeon Farr claims he was never late to summer workouts, but did recall a time where another player was late and had to run 20 110's before their regular workout. Head strength coach Andreu Swasey preaches punctuality.

"I would wake up before my alarm clock because I did not want to be late," Farr said.

Farr is rooming with Reggie Youngblood, who he met in Texas. Youngblood's cousin went to Farr's church and the two knew each other since. The two had planned on going to LSU together, but Youngblood committed to Miami ending that plan.

Farr was verbally committed to LSU before changing his mind and attending Miami, his favorite team growing up.

"What really eased my mind about coming here and being away from home is the program itself," Farr explained.

One of his goals is to reach the NFL and by choosing to attend Miami, a school with a great track record with the NFL, he feels he sets himself up better for his future.

"It is a great program," Farr said. "Although if I went to LSU my family could have seen me play more I can understand the sacrifices it takes to reach certain goals."

Farr grew up as a Miami fan and recalls why he first started liking the Hurricanes.

"I saw the team play one day and I liked the kind of football they played," Farr said. "And, although it is simple, I like the ibis logo. The ibis captured my attention. Actually I saw the mascot then saw the team play and thought they were cool."

Sophomore Greg Olsen has the starting tight end position locked up, but Farr is expected to play this season with limited depth. Senior Buck Ortega, who has eight career catches, and redshirt freshman Chris Zellner, who still needs to improve on his catching ability, have their work cut out for them to hold off the freshman from Texas.

"Wherever I decided to sign I had it in my mind that I wanted to get on the field right away," Farr said. "So I looked at situations where it would be a good possibility."

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